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Accumulates 5% free experience

The maximum level of experience — 5

Survivability* 13614
Hull 8828
Shield 3927
Energy 669
Speed 205

Available from the beginning:
Main weapon damage increased by 7%.
Available at experience level 2:
Critical chance increased by 5%.
Available at experience level 4:
Energy consumption of "Long Range modules" reduced by 20%.

Equipment upon purchase
Beam Cannon 5 LaserUp1 Icon.png SpaceMissile Cruise.png
Active modules
Weapon Overcharge.png RepairDronesLarge Icon.png
Ship modifiers
Capacitor CapacitorRecharging Icon.png
Hull ArmorPlates Icon.png Em-insulation icon.png
CPU TurboScanner Icon.png

Special module Lrfe desintegrator.png

Buying price 100000 Currency credits.png
Selling price 25000 Currency credits.png

* All specifications are shown for the ship with the maximum level of experience (5) without equipment

General information

Faction: EMPIRE
Class: Frigate
Role: Long Range
Rank: 2


These ships are designed for long-range firing. They use their disintegrators or guided torpedoes. However, high-power and long-range weapons come at the cost of armour and shields.

The long-range frigate Harpy was developed by the scientists of the Direktorium in 3412 and remained in service for a long time. Over time, it was this ship that was chosen as the best overall.

By the start of the war with Jericho, most of the units were guarding the borders of the Direktorium. These ships took upon themselves the first attacks of the Frontier. During the war, Harpy detachments constantly moved from one front to another, where urgent support was required by the main forces. To a great extent, it was these ships that dealt the Jericho fleet the greatest damage.

After the Rise of Purity, Harpy stood under the flags of the Empire and for a long time was the main frigate of the Invincible Legion. Separate detachments of these frigates were in service until the end of the war with the Federation, where they also showed excellent results in the defence of shipyards.

Currently, this ship is completely withdrawn from the fleet and is used by young mercenaries to practice sniper shooting. Harpy can also be found in the self-defence forces of remote sectors, where individual ships have been serving for several centuries. Often everything in these frigates that can break down is replaced, up to small sectors of the hull.

Available equipment

Beam Cannon 5

Missile slot
SpaceMissile Cruise Icon.png Крылатая ракета Gold.png

Active Role Modules
Weapon Overcharge.png

Active Multipurpose Modules

ShieldRestoreLarge Icon.png RepairDronesLarge Icon.png InfraredContermeasure Icon.png

Ship modifiers
Ship has no engine slots

CapacitorRecharging Icon.png

Ship has no shield slots

ArmorPlates Icon.png Em-insulation icon.png

TurboScanner Icon.png

Tables of ship's technical characteristics

Ship's resistance to incoming damage

Shield resistance Hull resistance
to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.) to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.)
0 30 -30 15 -15 45

Ship's characteristics on different experience levels

Level Energy Hull, (pts.) Shield Sensors
capacity, (pts.) for afterburner, (pts./s) regeneration, (pts./s) capacity, (pts.) regeneration, (pts./s) range, (m) target lock time, (s)
1 625 162 151 7610 3385 111 2000 2
2 625 162 151 8295 3690 111 2000 2
3 625 162 151 8599 3825 111 2200 2
4 644 162 156 8599 3825 111 2200 2
5 669 162 162 8828 3927 111 2400 2

Ship's speed on different experience levels

Level Speed Acceleration, (m/s2) Strafe, (m/s) Pitch, (deg./s) Roll, (deg./s)
march, (m/s) afterburner, (m/s)
1 203 244 55 61 30 36
2 203 244 55 61 30 36
3 205 246 56 61 30 36
4 205 246 56 61 30 36
5 205 246 56 61 30 36

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