Heavy Repair Drone

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Heavy repair drone.png

Type: Expendable drone.

For ship type: Destroyer Suppressor.png

For ranks: 7-9, 10-12, 13-17.


After launch the drone starts repairing hull of the most damaged ally in a 300 m. radius for 40 s. Consumes energy for launching.
The amount of restored shield depends on target size.


Parameters Heavy Repair Drone 9 Heavy Repair Drone 12 Heavy Repair Drone 17
Drone: hull repairing 315 pts./s. 365 pts./s. 420 pts./s.
Drone: durability 900 pts. 1200 pts. 1500 pts.
Cooldown 15 s.
Cost 28000Currency credits.png 38000Currency credits.png 50000Currency credits.png

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