Landing platforms

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Landing platforms

Type: Special module

For ship: Emperor Suppressor.png


In 25 sec. prepares to launch 4 drones, capable of chasing a target in a radius of 5000 m. when the module is activated. On the platform, the drones are invincible and regenerate the hull at the rate of 500 pts./sec, but their damage is reduced by 50%. The drones ignore control effects.
The platforms can accept allied ships below the “frigate” class for landing, but guest ship cannot use modules.
  • Bonuses for ships on the platform
The ships that landed on the platform receive radar invisibility and the ships below the “frigate” class receive transparency to projectiles and lasers, invulnerability and enhancement (+1% increases the rate of fire, energy regeneration, maximum speed, strafe speed and rotation speed for 35 sec.) for each second spent on the platform, the bonus stacks up to 50 times.
Pilots can rotate their ships on the platform using the side movement keys.
  • Bonuses for the destroyer
The destroyer receives 50 pts. resistance to all types of damage and regenerates 1% of maximum hull durability per second for each ship landed on it.
You can invite pilots to land on the platforms by holding the module button.


  • Drone: weapon damage (thermal): 1300 dmg.
  • Drone: rate of fire: 45 rounds/min
  • Drone: weapon range: 1800 m.
  • Drone: max. speed: 270 m/s
  • Drone: maneuverability: 180 deg/s
  • Drone: durability: 4000 pts.
  • Energy consumption: 500 en.

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