ODG 'Tarantula'

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ODG 'Tarantula'

Type: Special module

For ship: Irbis Role tackler.png


Makes the ship invisible for 18 sec. Any damage, opening fire or use of modules will disable the ship's invisibility. The first 2 s. the invisibility can't be interrupted by any action.
If you have a captured target within the module's active range at the time of the module's activation, your ship will receive a boost towards it.
When you fly closer to the target than 500 m., the module stops working, for 12 sec. it decreases target damage resistance by 50 pts. and increases your resistances by 30 pts.
When the module stops working your ship receives radar invisibility for 5 sec. Using modules will take it out of this state.


  • Energy consumption: 150 en.
  • Recharge: 35 s.

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