Reflective shield

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Reflective shield
Reflective shield

Type: Special module

For ship: Relic


Activates a spherical shield around the ship, which can reflect enemy projectiles and lasers back at the attacker.
While the shield is activated, the destroyer receives 400 pts. of resistance to all types of damage. The module spends one charge, energy and restores 1000 pts. of main shield for each second of being active. Pressing the button again disables the module.


  • Module durability: 10400 pts.
  • Recovery time on destruction: 52 s.
  • Damage on destruction: 4960 dmg.
  • Energy consumption: 1000 en.
  • Energy consumption per second: 220 en./s.
  • Max. number of charges: 15 pcs.
  • Charge preparation time: 4 s.

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