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Accumulates 5% free experience

The maximum experience level — 10

Survivability* 230248
Hull 115192
Shield 80659
Energy 4446
Speed 102

Available from the beginning:
Incoming melee damage is multiplied by 2,5.
Available at experience level 2:
Hull resistance to kinetic damage increased by 27 pts.
Available at experience level 4:
Should be chosen
Available at experience level 8:
Should be chosen

Equipment upon purchase
Halo Launcher 17 PlasmaUp1 Icon.png
Active modules
not preinstalled

Special module Should be chosen

Cost of manufacturing 12000000 Currency credits.png
Cost of refitting 1400000 Currency credits.png

* All specifications are shown for the ship with the maximum level of experience (10) without equipment

General information

Faction: Jericho
Class: Destroyer
Role: Suppressor
Rank: 17


This is a highly customisable ship obtained through crafting.
Craft ships are made from parts that can be assembled in the workshop. When creating a ship, you can configure the number of slots for each type of modifier (engine, capacitor, shield, hull, computer; maximum slots of one type are 3). Total distribution slots — 9.

Destroyer is a huge and powerful ship, that deals a lot of damage. Terrible enemies of other classes of ships at long range, capable of supporting their team with dense fire and special abilities. For their power and range destroyers pay high vulnerability in melee and additional damage from the loss of modules.

The first Relic-class destroyers were created by the Mendes family back in 4619. All this time, the ships were tested in remote sectors of Jericho and were significantly modernized. Many Relic systems are manufactured using Alien technology. During development, the destroyer’s initial weapon was replaced with the G2 heavy gauss cannon.

According to comments from the Mendes Family, the Relic-class destroyers participated in the attack on several cyber bases and inflicted significant damage to the enemy. More recently, the Rangers were licensed to manufacture a batch of ships specifically to be controlled by the AI. The Liu Family will also receive one destroyer as part of the "on the remaining forces of Jericho" agreement.

Representatives of the UMC managed to secure the right to purchase destroyers, so any mercenary will be able to order a weakened version of Relic soon.

Unique ship equipment


Heavy Gauss-cannon G2

Holding the button charges the weapon and increases its range. The greater the distance the projectile flies before hitting the target, the more damage it does.

Active module

Cluster torpedo

Unguided torpedo. When it explodes, it scatters mines, which, with a certain timer, detonate near enemy ships. Ships caught in the blast radius of the warheads become invisible to hostile radars for 3 seconds and cannot capture targets themselves.


Special module

You must select one of the following special modules. If there is one special module, you won't have to choose.

Description Energy consumption  Recharge
Reflective shield.png Activates a spherical shield around the ship, which can reflect enemy projectiles and lasers back at the attacker. While the shield is activated, the destroyer receives 400 pts. of resistance to all types of damage. The module spends one charge and energy for each second of being active. Pressing the button again disables the module. 1000 en. -
Jericho Energy router Reroutes energy flow in ship systems. Allows to select between max speed by 20%, weapon damage by 12% or restoring of 400 pts. shield volume per second. 120 en. 0,3 s.


You must select one bonus for each level. If there is one bonus on a level, you won't have to choose.

4 lvl bonus.png Energy regeneration speed increased by 20%.
4 lvl bonus.png Sensor range increased by 100%.
4 lvl bonus.png Rotation speed increased by 25%.
8 lvl bonus.png Power of Suppressor Class modules increased by 10%.
8 lvl bonus.png Cooldown time of Suppressor Class modules decreased by 15%.
8 lvl bonus.png Energy drain of of Suppressor Class modules decreased by 25%.

Available equipment

Meson Cannon 17 'Halo' Launcher 17 Coilgun 17 G'Thar'Du Cannon.png Plasma burster.jpg Heavy Gauss-cannon G2.jpg

Missile slot
Static shield icon.png Heavy repair drone.png Heavy repelling drone.jpg Crystal drone (for destr).jpg
Active Role Modules
Pyro emitter icon.png Wormhole projector icon.png Tempest launcher icon.png Gravitational lens icon.png Photon emitter icon.png Landing platform.jpg Devastator beam.jpg Hybrid missile icon.png Main caliber.jpg Cluster torpedo.jpg

Active Multipurpose Modules
Plasma turret icon.png Blaster turret icon.png Multiphase shield icon.png Repelling beam icon.png

Ship modifiers

CollisionComp Icon.png EngineGenerator Icon.png KatalizatorInjector Icon.png RotationThruster Icon.png BoostersOverLoader Icon.png Shared cooler icon.png InertialStabilizer Icon.png


CapacitorRecharging Icon.png ExtCapacitorBattary Icon.png ImplsDischarger Icon.png EmergencyBarrier Icon.png CptrEnrgBridge Icon.png WeaponCoolant Icon.png CmplxBatt Icon.png CpctrPwrRelay Icon.png

AddShldGen Icon.png Multipurpose shield.jpg ShieldExtender Icon.png ResistShldThermal Icon.png ResistShieldEMP Icon.png ResistShieldKin Icon.png ExtShld Icon.png CuttedShieldHolder Icon.png Adaptive shield icon.png SubmatterShield Icon.png


ArmorPlates Icon.png Em-insulation icon.png ResistHullThermal Icon.png ResistHullKinetic Icon.png HeavyArmor Icon.png Crystal Plates.png AutoRepairUnit Icon.png PassiveArmor Icon.png FastMissileRacks Icon.png CompositeArmor Icon.png LightArmor Icon.png Extended hull icon.png


TurboScanner Icon.png ScoutScanner Icon.png BattleScanner Icon.png ProtonWall Icon.png RangeMasterUnit Icon.png WideScanner Icon.png CoProcessor Icon.png Spatial scanner icon.png

Tables of ship's technical characteristics

Ship's resistance to incoming damage

Shield resistance Hull resistance
to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.) to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.)
15 45 -15 15 -15 45

Ship's characteristics on different experience levels

Level Energy Hull, (pts.) Shield Sensors
capacity, (pts.) for afterburner, (pts./s) regeneration, (pts./s) capacity, (pts.) regeneration, (pts./s) range, (m) target lock time, (s)
1 3800 295 224 95200 66660 374 3000 3
2 3800 295 224 103768 72659 374 3000 3
3 3800 295 224 107576 75326 374 3300 3
4 3914 295 231 107576 75326 374 3300 3
5 4066 295 240 110432 77326 374 3600 3
6 4180 295 247 112336 78659 374 3600 3
7 4180 295 247 114240 79325 374 3900 3
8 4180 295 247 114240 79325 374 4200 3
9 4294 295 254 115192 79992 374 4200 3
10 4446 295 262 115192 80659 374 4500 3

Ship's speed on different experience levels

Level Speed Acceleration, (m/s2) Strafe, (m/s) Pitch, (deg./s) Roll, (deg./s)
march, (m/s) afterburner, (m/s)
1 99 119 10 10 11 18
2 99 119 10 10 11 18
3 100 120 10,3 10 11 18
4 100 120 10,3 10 11 18
5 100 120 10,3 10 11 18
6 100 120 10,5 10 11 18
7 101 121 10,8 10 11 18
8 102 122 11,1 10 11 18
9 102 123 11,3 10 11 18
10 102 123 11,3 10 11 18

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