Remote disintegrator

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Remote disintegrator

Type: Special module

For ship: Project 1011 Role sniper.png


Launches a carrier vehicle with a drone armed with a disintegrator. The drone is automatically activated and controlled by the pilot.
Pressing the activation key again allows you to switch control between the drone and the ship.
Each shot of the disintegrator deals additional thermal damage: 1500 pts. to frigates and 25000 pts. to destroyers.
The drone is self-destructed if the host ship flies further than 2850 m. away from it. Destroying the drones will unmask the host ship's position.
The drone can be destroyed by holding the special module button.


  • Damage (thermal): 12900 dmg.
  • Rate of fire: 18 rounds/min
  • Projectile speed: 9500 m/s
  • Firing range (max.): 12000 m.
  • Vehicle: speed: 4800 m/s
  • Vehicle: flight range: 2600 m.
  • Drone: durability: 5000 pts.
  • Drone: max. range to host: 2850 m.
  • Drone: radar range: 5000 m.
  • Energy consumption: 185 en.
  • Recharge: 20 s.

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