Repair drone operator

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Appearance of the ship with special module Repair drone operator
Waz'Got with Repair drone operator
Repair drone operator
Repair drone operator

Type: Special module

For ship: Waz'Got


Launches drones accompanying the ship and attacking the enemy.
Picking up ship debris, the engineer also produces drones.
Drone damage depends on the level of the main weapon installed on the ship.
Upon activation the drone moves to the selected spot and transforms into a repair pack. The repair pack persists for 105 s.
Repairs hull for an ally who picks it up and for every other ally in 2000 m. range.


Parameters Ranks
13-14 15
Drone: DPS (thermal) 300 dmg./s. 306 dmg./s.
Drone: damage (thermal) 226 dmg. 230 dmg.
Drone: rate of fire 80 rounds/min
Drone: weapon range 2000 m.
Drone: projectile speed 3200 m/s
Drone: durability 2793 pts. 2815 pts.
Drones 4 pcs.
Drone production limit without debris picking 2 pcs.
Drone activation preparation time 25 s.
Hull repairs to ally who picked pack 7100 pts. 7252 pts.
Hull repairs to nearby allies 5680 pts. 5802 pts.
Energy consumption 109 en. 118 en.
Recharge 6 s.


To learn a special module in the ship tree, you need:
  • 7 Alien engineer structure
  • 3 Entangled shards
  • 3 Unstable crystal
  • 9'000'000
  • 850'000

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