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Sector Former Federation sectors
System Erebus
Position Research Center
PvE-mode Active
Zone difficulty High
Min. clearance level 9
Cargo drone Yes, position 643/-609/437
Transitions to other locations Vanguard Outpost, Barter Zone
The location is present in PvP Arena Yes
Gamemodes (PvP) PvP, CO-OP: Domination, Beacon Hunt
The location is present in Missions No


This center was rebuilt and upgraded in the year 4611, and became the most important research station in the area of “New Eden”. Despite the Invasion, the complex continues to operate to this day. Proximity to the infected territories makes it a dangerous but tempting place for any obsessed scientist.

Since the fragmented Federation has lost interest in scientific research, the facilities of the complex work for questionable businessmen who are ready to provide everyone with a “tour” right into the lion's mouth. Now everyone survives any way they can. Money is money, especially if their owner was accidentally eaten (do they really eat people?) by aliens.

Location panorama

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