Scavenger drones

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Appearance of the ship with special module Scavenger drones
Waz'Got with Scavenger drones
Scavenger drones
Scavenger drones

Type: Special module

For ship: Waz'Got


Launches drones accompanying the ship, attacking the enemy and repairing the ship hull for 30% of damage they dealt.
Picking up ship debris, the engineer also produces drones.
Drone damage depends on the level of the main weapon installed on the ship.
When activated, one of the drones becomes a missile and rushes to its target.
With the blast, the missile damages the enemies and restores hulls of allies within a 850 m. radius.


Parameters Ranks
5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15
Drone: DPS (EM) 205 dmg./s. 220 dmg./s. 232 dmg./s. 242 dmg./s. 250 dmg./s. 255 dmg./s.
Drone: damage (EM) 176 dmg. 189 dmg. 199 dmg. 207 dmg. 214 dmg. 218 dmg.
Drone: rate of fire 70 rounds/min
Drone: weapon range 2000 m.
Drone: projectile speed 3200 m/s
Drone: durability 2234 pts. 2435 pts. 2592 pts. 2726 pts. 2793 pts. 2815 pts.
Drones 4 pcs.
Drone production limit without debris picking 2 pcs.
Drone activation preparation time 27 s.
Missile: range 4000 m.
Missile: velocity 1500 m/s
Missile: maneuverablity 100 deg./s.
Missile: blast (EM) 3338 dmg. 3677 dmg. 4028 dmg. 4399 dmg. 4783 dmg. 5187 dmg.
Missile: explosion radius 350 m.
Missile: ally repairs 2138 pts. 2291 pts. 2420 pts. 2524 pts. 2604 pts. 2659 pts.
Recharge 7 s.


The special module is available immediately after building a ship.

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