Tactical shielding

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Tactical shielding

Type: Special module

For ship: Object NY18 Guard.png


You and all allies within special module range receive additional shields.
Removes all negative effects from your ship and restores your shield by for every ally that came under the influence of the special module.
Ship speed grows by 75% on activation. Speed boost is interrupted when receiving damage, activating weapons or modules.


Parameters Ranks
5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15
Additional shields durability 7792 pts. 8409 pts. 9009 pts. 9693 pts. 10161 pts. 10713 pts.
Main shield heal 726 pts. 780 pts. 840 pts. 894 pts. 942 pts. 996 pts.
Active range 1500 m.
Active time 7 s.
Energy consumption 54 en. 59 en. 66 en. 74 en. 82 en. 89 en.
Recharge 18 s. 17 s. 17 s. 16 s. 16 s. 16 s.

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