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Ammunition - special shells or other additional systems for weapons.
Ammunition can improve any characteristics of the weapon: the damage, the speed of the projectile, sometimes worsening the other.
Ammunition is a consumable item and must be loaded into the ship before the battle.
One ammunition is enough for one fight.

The colour of the bar at the bottom of the ammunition icon shows how to get them: white means that ammunition is bought for Currency credits.png; yellow means that ammunition can be obtained in the Open Space from containers that appear around various buildings; and purple - that ammunition can be produced in a workshop.

For thermal weapons

LaserEconom Icon.png LaserFocus Icon.png LaserRadio Icon.png LaserUp1 Icon.png Xenon Lamp Mk.4.png Xenon Lamp (premium).png Focusing Lens.png Resonating crystal.png Lens system.png

For EM weapons

PlasmaFast Icon.png PlasmaSupernova Icon.png PlasmaUp1 Icon.png Double Deflector Mk.4.png Double Deflector (premium).png Suprecooled Charges.png Resonating charges Mk.4.png Boosted charges.png

For kinetic weapons

RailCumulative Icon.png RailUp1 Icon.png RailUranium Icon.png RailUranium Icon.png Iridium Slugs.png Explosive Shells Mk.4.png Explosive Shells (premium).png Resonating slugs.png Piercing charges.png