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Obtaining R16/R17 Ships

Rank 16 and Rank 17 ships require to be build in a similar way as Special Project ships. Each ship requires:

  • 3 cabin parts
  • 3 processing chip parts
  • 3 hull plate parts
  • 3 engine packages
  • 3 reactor packages
  • 3 deflector packages

Engine, reactor and deflector are just standard ship parts. Cabin, processing chip and hull plate are unique for each ship. To craft them player needs first to obtain blueprints for them from the "New Era" mission, which is available from clearance level 16. This mission changes every hour on the hour. Fulfilling the mission grants access to a container with one of the blueprints. 300 Iridium is needed to open the container. Container will be available to open for 7 days, so if player doesn't have enough Iridium, he can return later.

Rotation of the mission is as follows:

Ships PvE map Mission Title
Singularity/Spike Captured Dreadnought Demolition Man
Project 1011/Zhen Blackwood Shipyard Extending the Arsenal
Granite/Wolfhound Ellydium plant raid New Era
Singularity/Spike Crimson Haze New Era
Project 1011/Zhen Fire Support New Era
Singularity/Spike Pirate Fort Raid New Era
Granite/Wolfhound Defence Contract New Era