Containers and minerals

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Containers contain objects created by the human race or biomorphs that can be used or sold.


Can be picked up from destroyed enemies in Open Space. Contains Currency credits.png, different weapons, active modules or ship modifiers.

Also can spawn near buildings. Such containers contain 'gold' munitions and missiles.

Klassic container.jpg

Mysterious container

Extremely rare container that is very difficult to find. Initially hidden from view, becomes visible when approaching 100-200 m. Looks similar to a common container.

Spatial Scanner will help in finding mysterious containers: they will be highlighted in blue.

Such container may contain credits up to a million in size and rare resources or parts for workshop - Enriched monocrystals, Xenocrystals, Processing blocks, Screened batteries, Alien composite blocks, etc.

Mysterious container.jpg Mysterious container (find).jpg


Ores (minerals) are natural structures, containing raw materials for workshop - Vanadium, Impure graphite, Impure silicon, Crystal shards, Impure osmium or Currency credits.png.

In different locations ores can be identified differently: Silicon ore, Multimetal ore, etc.

In some locations you can get different resources from one ore, in others ore is 'specialized', for example, you can find only Impure graphite in the location Lava Spines.

Ore crystal.jpg

Also in the open space there may be objects that are not highlighted and are not identified - these objects, as a rule, are quest and without a corresponding contract the pilot can't interact with them.