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Designed to improve the characteristics of the ship. Installed in the slots of the appropriate type. The number of slots of each type of modifier on a ship depends on its rank and faction.

Modifiers are divided into 5 types:

  • Engine
  • Capacitor
  • Shield
  • Hull
  • CPU

Some ship modifiers are capable of active actions, for example, the installation of a temporary shield around the ship. Such modifiers work automatically, without the participation of the pilot.

Common modifiers are available for installation on all ships of a suitable role (exception - common engine modifiers are not available to the ships of the "Ellydium").

Modifiers being unique and for premium ships of the same role (experimental) can only be installed on certain ships purchased for Currency credits.png, and on all premium ships of the same role of a suitable rank.

Unique modifiers can only be installed on the ship which they were created for.

Modifiers by 'Ellydium' technologies can be installed on alien ships, and some - on human ships of suitable role.

The colour of the bar at the bottom of the modifier icon (in Atlas - the frame around the modifier and the number) indicates its level: from Mk.1 (white) to Mk.4 (purple). Yellow colour means that the modifier is bought for GS.png.

Engine modifiers

CollisionComp Icon.png InertialStabilizer Icon.png RotationThruster Icon.png KatalizatorInjector Icon.png BoostersOverLoader Icon.png EngineGenerator Icon.png Shared cooler icon.png Cruise engine modificator icon.png - common (except Ellydium)

'Swap' teleportation module.jpg Reserve boosters.jpg Balanced defence.jpg Rapid maneuver stabilizer.jpg Dynamic superchargers.jpg Adaptive maneuver booster.jpg Side booster.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Mhd generator icon.png Augmented cooler icon.png Maneuver co-processor.jpg Cooldown priority.jpg - unique

Synthesis sphere.jpg Displacement sphere.jpg Teleportation sphere.jpg Antifriction sphere.jpg Swiftness sphere.jpg Catalyst crystal.jpg Signal router.jpg Emergency jump.jpg Speed balancer.jpg - Ellydium

Capacitor modifiers

WeaponCoolant Icon.png EmergencyBarrier Icon.png Acceleration coils icon.png ExtCapacitorBattary Icon.png CapacitorRecharging Icon.png ImplsDischarger Icon.png CmplxBatt Icon.png CpctrPwrRelay Icon.png CptrEnrgBridge Icon.png - common

Cooling hack.jpg 'Master Sinobi' auto-jump.jpg Particle flow disruptor.jpg Ally recharge.jpg Reserve barrier.jpg Safety switch.jpg 'Rain season' transformer.jpg Adaptation mechanism.jpg Progressive energy flow.jpg Volumetric energy absorber.jpg Emergency regeneration.jpg Capacitor overload.jpg Emergency shield recharge.jpg 'SHROUD' generator.jpg

Critical counter.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Module cooler icon.png Reserve generator.jpg - unique

Emergency capsule.jpg Resonating shield.jpg Camouflage shield refractor.jpg Dead hand.jpg - Ellydium

Shield modifiers

Recuperator Icon.png ResistShldThermal Icon.png ResistShieldEMP Icon.png ResistShieldKin Icon.png ShieldExtender Icon.png AddShldGen Icon.png ExtShld Icon.png Adaptive shield icon.png CuttedShieldHolder Icon.png SubmatterShield Icon.png Multipurpose shield.jpg - common

'Friend-foe' code hacker.jpg MGS-Box camo.jpg Dual shields.jpg 'Resistance' generator.jpg 'Conformist' booster.jpg Thermoprojector.jpg Kinematic shield adapter.jpg 'Rebuff' shield modifier.jpg Integrated thermoshiel.jpg Maneuver blocker.jpg 'Reaper-8' converter.jpg Reserve shield system.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Pulsating shield icon.png Pulsating shield icon.png Thermoreactive shield icon.png Warp-stream detector icon.png Enhanced shield.jpg Safety speed boost.jpg - unique

Combat shield regenerator.jpg Static shield regenerator.jpg Regenerator shield.jpg - Ellydium

Hull modifiers

ResistHullThermal Icon.png Em-insulation icon.png ResistHullKinetic Icon.png FastMissileRacks Icon.png ArmorPlates Icon.png HeavyArmor Icon.png AutoRepairUnit Icon.png LightArmor Icon.png CompositeArmor Icon.png PassiveArmor Icon.png Crystal Plates.png Extended hull icon.png - common

'Second Wind' repair kit.jpg Special module boost.jpg 'Meteor' accelerator module.jpg Neutron emitter.jpg Auto-repair.jpg 'Faria' missile amplifier.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

'Wounded Beast' protocol.jpg Emergency hack system.jpg Emitter overload.jpg - unique

Adaptive Membrane.jpg Emergency stasis system.jpg Matter Absorber.jpg Virtual particle condenser.jpg - Ellydium

CPU modifiers

BattleScanner Icon.png RangeMasterUnit Icon.png ProtonWall Icon.png ScoutScanner Icon.png TurboScanner Icon.png CoProcessor Icon.png WideScanner Icon.png 'Duelist' protocol.jpg Gun adapter.jpg Spatial scanner icon.png - common

'Kenjutsu' destabilizer.jpg Reloading calibration.jpg Blood harvest.jpg Mass drone boost.jpg 'Echidna' processor.jpg 'Confrontation' program.jpg Vulnerability probe plugin.jpg Combat accelerator.jpg Improved charge algorithms.jpg Procedure booster.jpg Adaptive plugin.jpg 'Turing' simulation module.jpg - unique and for premium ships of the same role

Vulnerability scanner icon.png Dual-channel repeater.jpg Quickcharge system.jpg 'Satisfaction' algorithm.jpg Drone booster.jpg Disintegrator booster.jpg 'Heir' algorithm.jpg Improved repair algorithms.jpg TY-7 optics system.jpg Structure analyzer.jpg - unique

Predator's instinct.jpg Matter transformer.jpg Warp-targeting.jpg Production optimization.jpg Engineering regenerator.jpg Cooling distributor.jpg Combat control.jpg - Ellydium