Cruise Engine Modification

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Cruise Engine Modification

Type: Ship modifier.

Group: Engine modifiers.

For ranks: 7-11, 10-14, 13-17.

For ship type: Role command.png Role attack.png Role tackler.png


Increases maximum speed by 10% but decreases rotation speed by 20%, increases afterburners activation energy cost by 19 times and energy consumption of the afterburners by 15%.
Afterburners increase maximum speed even more, also afterburners acceleration is increased by 2 times but strafe speed is decreased by 90% and rotation speed by 67%.


Parameters Cruise Engine Modification 11 Cruise Engine Modification 14 Cruise Engine Modification 17
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4 Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4 Mk.5 Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4 Mk.5
Afterburner speed increase 39% +8% +8% +6% 41% +8% +8% +6% +3% 43% +8% +8% +6% +3%
Cost Can be picked up from destroyed enemies in the zone 'Poseidon' Complex 129700Currency credits.png 259400Currency credits.png 605200Currency credits.png Can be picked up from destroyed enemies in the zone Orange Giant 352000Currency credits.png 704000Currency credits.png 1642600Currency credits.png Manufacturing Can be picked up from destroyed enemies in the zone The Source 1018900Currency credits.png 2037800Currency credits.png 4754800Currency credits.png Manufacturing

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