Crystal coating

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Crystal coating
Crystal coating

Type: Active module.

Group: Command modules.

For ranks: 13-17.

For ship: Yith'Mor


Reduces the ship's hull durability for 12 sec. and makes a selected ally at a distance of 3000 m. transparent for projectiles, rockets, laser beams and explosions while the module is active.


Parameters Crystal coating 17
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4
Hull consumption 1150 pts./s. -50 pts./s. -50 pts./s. -50 pts./s.
Energy consumption 470 en. -20 en. -20 en. -30 en.
Recharge 50 s. -1 s. -2 s. -2 s.
Cost Manufacturing 1323000 2646000 6174000

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