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General information

Faction: Ellydium

Class: Fighter

Role: Command

Ranks: 5 - 15

Cabin of Yith'Mor
Progress tree of Yith'Mor

Development history

After the successful launch of “Ze'Ta” in 4619, Ellydium scientists immediately began developing a support ship. For five years, they’ve been trying to combine fighter cabin modules with crystal nodes. In the beginning of 4624, “Yith'Mor” was finally ready for mass production. The fighter has effective support features, as well as a set of unique weapons capable of pushing the balance of forces on the battlefield. As with other Ellydium ships, the “Yith’Mor” development was overseen by Conrad Dimeni. The UMC signed a contract with the corporation to get the mercenaries access to the “Yith'Mor’s” crystalline technology.

Appearance of the ship with special module Crystal reflex

Absorbs all damage but consumes energy; all absorbed damage is returned to all enemies around the ship.

Appearance of the ship with special module Alien algorithm

Special module with three modes. Maximum efficiency depends on the number of allies nearby: increases the damage of the main weapon for each nearby ally, increases the shield and hull resistance for each nearby ally, speeds up the cooldown of all modules for each nearby ally.

Appearance of the ship with special module Crystal beacon

Applies a shield on your ship and sends a beacon towards the enemy. If the beacon reaches a target, all weapons of the ship automatically lock on to this target.


The cabin is the most important component of the ship. To build the ship, pilots first need to manufacture a ship cabin and obtain unique ship parts. After construction ‘Ellydium’ ships can be developed from rank 5 to rank 15.

Credits, experience , xenocrystals and enriched monocrystals are required for the ship's upgrades. Also, for special modules, you need Alien fighter structures.

To build Yith'Mor you need:

  • 1 Fighter cabin
  • 4 Nodes of neocrystal neurons

Additionally 500'000 on study of blueprint and 1'500'000 on cabin production.

Features of ship

  • Fighter receives higher collision damage due to the fragile crystal structure.
  • Ship receives 50% less regeneration of the shield and hull from any sources (for example, if it is written in the characteristics of the special module that it restores 8000 pts. of the hull, then in reality your ship will recover only 4000 pts.).
  • If the ship does not use modules weapons for 5 seconds, its hull begins to regenerate at 200 pts/s (receives 100 pts/s due to a debuf).


  • Ships made by ‘Ellydium’ scientists with Alien technology may evolve under the influence of ‘xenocrystals’.
Ship rank changes.
Ship appearance changes.
Available modules, weapons and special modules change.
  • All changes to the ships are made by pilots themselves when they choose the appropriate nodes in the ship tree.
  • All development nodes in the new ship tree can be divided into several classes:
‘Special module’ node class. Allows to equip the ship with various special modules, depending on ship rank and its objectives.
‘Blueprint research’ node class for modules, modifiers and weapons. Required for production of special modules, modifiers and weapons from ‘Ellydium’ corporation. After research the nodes will not be visible in the ship tree.
‘Basic ship characteristics’ node class. Improves guidance. Increases maximum energy reserves and its recovery speed. Increases maximum ship speed. Increases maximum hull durability. Increases maximum shield volume. Improves weapon parameters.
‘Auxiliary ship slot’ node class. Adds slots for hull, capacitor, active modules, shield modifiers, engine and CPU.
‘Additional bonuses’ node class. Adds bonuses to defence and attack. You can only activate one module at a time.
  • The pilot must first research his desired node, and then activate it or a group of research nodes. Only after pressing the ‘Apply’ button the selected changes will be activated on your ship.
  • Each node can be deactivated, thus changing the configuration and capabilities of the ship to fit the specific challenges the pilot faces.
  • The number of slots on the ship is limited! Carefully review all the possible nodes and activate only the ones that you need.

List of nodes

Unique weapons

These weapons are researched from ship nodes.

Yith'Kin launcher

Rapid fire shotgun with wide spread for close range combat. Upon critical hit, the projectiles explode, dealing additional damage.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Yith'Mor’.

Yith'Orm weapon

Electromagnetic cannon. The longer it keeps firing, the higher are its fire range and damage.

Available to command fighters.

Yith'Ver generator

A weapon with medium rate of fire. Each hit on an enemy has a 50% chance to deal additional thermal, kinetic or EM damage (the probability is different for each of type of damage).

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Yith'Mor’.

Unique active modules

These modules are researched from ship nodes.

Crystal thruster

Temporarily increases the shield and hull resistance and increases damage for you and all nearby allies.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Yith'Mor’.

Guiding crystal

Forms a cone in the direction of your aim that improves rate of fire, energy regeneration, ship speed and maneuverability for all allies within the cone.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Yith'Mor’.

Crystal coating

Reduces the ship’s hull durability each second and makes a selected ally transparent for projectiles, rockets, laser beams and explosions while the module is active.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Yith'Mor’.

Unique modifiers

These modifiers are researched from ship nodes.

Crystal combat recuperator

If the ship is moving slower than 50% from the maximum speed, the rate of fire increases; if the ship is moving higher than 50% from the maximum speed, the rate of fire increases significantly, but the weapons overheat much faster.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

A capacitor modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ ships.

Adaptive hull regenerator

Restores hull durability for each nearby ally.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

A hull modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Yith'Mor’.

Destabilizing crystal

Reduces the time of control effects. When hull durability gets low, all nearby enemies lose control of their ships.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

A CPU modifier, available to command fighters.

Available equipment

Rank 5:

Rank 6:

Rank 7:

Rank 8:

Rank 9:

Rank 10:

Rank 11:

Rank 12:

Rank 13:

Rank 14:

Rank 15: