Crystalline suppressor

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Crystalline suppressor

Type: Active module.

Group: Suppressor Class modules.

For ranks: 13-17.

For ship: Ze'Ta Suppressor.png


Launches a cassette projectile. The explosion generates a 200 m. plasma cloud.
Over 6,5 s. the cloud grows to 1067 m. and then dissipates.
When in the cloud, enemies get thermal damage and allies have hull restored.
When the projectile explodes, it splits into 16 smaller homing projectiles flying up to 550 m. at 110 m/s.


Parameters Crystalline suppressor 17
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4
Damage (thermal) 5565 dmg. +245 dmg. +245 dmg. +195 dmg.
Cloud DPS (thermal) 4005 dmg./s. +180 dmg./s. +180 dmg./s. +135 dmg./s.
Hull regeneration 2670 pts./s. +120 pts./s. +120 pts./s. +90 pts./s.
Flight range 4500 m.
Flight speed 12000 m/s
Barrel rotation speed 180 deg./s.
Trigger radius 150 m.
Module durability 2500 pts.
Damage on destruction 5000 dmg.
Host damage 995 dmg.
Energy consumption 1990 en.
Recharge 35 s. -2 s. -2 s. -2 s.
Cost Manufacturing 742500Currency credits.png 1485000Currency credits.png 3465000Currency credits.png


Crystalline suppressor (art).jpg

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