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!Cargo drone
!Cargo drone
|{{{|Yes, position -688/-162/-340}}}
|{{{|Yes, position 688/162/340}}}
!Transitions to other locations
!Transitions to other locations

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Eastern Mining Station (view)1.jpg
Sector Former Federation sectors
System New Ceres
Position Eastern Mining Station
PvE-mode Active
Zone difficulty High
Min. clearance level 11
Cargo drone Yes, position 688/162/340
Transitions to other locations Northern Mining Station, "Pilgrim-11", Abandoned Outpost
The location is present in PvP Arena Yes
Gamemodes (PvP) PvP, CO-OP: Team battle, Domination, Beacon Hunt, Detonation, Four lives;

Brawls: Combat Recon;

Portals and Tournaments: Beacon capture;

Only Custom Battle: Survival

The location is present in Missions No


Eastern Mining Station (view).jpg

The stationary orbit of Ceres-3 holds a giant structure, surrounded by an asteroid field, full of pieces of rock with numerous patches of transactinide elements.

Detectors on the planet itself define large internal cavities with a highly radioactive background. The structure is floating above of these cavities. The structure’s appearance does not match any of the currently known man-made or Precursors structures.

Attempts to reach the structure for a more detailed analysis were not successful due to a massive number of ship tech failures, mainly in navigation systems. The inability of three parties participating in the global conflict to agree on a joint study of the subject has led to a dangerous situation. In fact, the mercenaries from all over the universe are fighting for the right to make the grab the most valuable loot from the unknown structure, which threatens its complete destruction.

Location panorama

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