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General information

Faction: Ellydium

Class: Fighter

Role: Gunship

Ranks: 5 - 15

Cabin of Thar'Ga
Progress tree of Thar'Ga

Development history

Development of the unique fighter ‘Thar'ga’ cost ‘Ellydium’ corporation dearly. Station ‘Theta’, placed directly on the surface of the Leviathan, has opened unprecedented opportunities for scientists, and it went to their heads. Initial experiments examined the effects of different types of energy on living crystals and Iridium nanoalloys, and follow-up studies were conducted on living matter. Nobody cared about violations of ethical and moral principles.

In the end, one of the scientist groups occupying an experimental station block went silent. Engineering brigade escorted by combat mercenary groups was sent to clear the situation. Only two of them returned: a veteran mercenary and a scientist. All materials on the progress of the rescue operation are classified, and access to the block is locked. Only crystalline growth on the passage walls points to the possible events.

The official statement by Dr. Conrad Dimeni offered condolences to the families on the corporation's behalf, and called the event ‘a sacrifice in the name of science’. In subsequent speeches, he repeatedly emphasized the direct connection of the group's research with the development of Xenocrystal ‘growth’ technology using ion generators and monocrystals. The product of this technology is the first ‘Thar'ga’ prototype. Further research showed that crystal growth can be controlled, resulting it more than a hundred different versions of the ship for various needs.

Appearance of the ship with special module Crystal hunger

Temporarily increases rate of fire, energy regeneration, and maximum energy recovery speed by 50%. If a ship is destroyed in a certain radius, the host's hull is repaired.

Appearance of the ship with special module Hive

A unique feature of this evolution form are 3 combat drones, produced from the crystalline part of the hull when activated. On manual deactivation of the module, drones return and repair the ship's hull.

Appearance of the ship with special module Combat reconstructor

Upon module activation all enemies in a certain radius receive damage. 110% of the damage inflicted during the module's operation is used for hull recovery.

Appearance of the ship with special module Condensing crystals

A distinctive feature of this form is a crystal charge, dealing damage to enemies. At the end of their path crystals assemble into a capsule that restores hull if it is picked up. In addition, activation of the module increases the ship's speed.

Appearance of the ship with special module Crystal predator

Launches a missile with crystal bots, capable of dealing damage to the target. If the target dies before the end of the effect, the bots return to the ship and restore hull.


The cabin is the most important component of the ship. To build the ship, pilots first need to manufacture a ship cabin and obtain Xenocrystals. After construction ‘Ellydium’ ships can be developed from rank 5 to rank 15.

Credits, Experience , Xenocrystals and Alien composite blocks are required for the ship's upgrades.

To build Thar'Ga you need:

  • 1 Fighter cabin
  • 100 Xenocrystals

Additionally 500'000 on study of blueprint and 1'500'000 on cabin production.

Features of ship

  • Fighter receives higher collision damage due to the fragile crystal structure.
  • Ship receives 50% less regeneration of the shield and hull from any sources (for example, if it is written in the characteristics of the special module that it restores 8000 pts. of the hull, then in reality your ship will recover only 4000 pts.).
  • If the ship does not use modules weapons for 5 seconds, its hull begins to regenerate at 200 pts/s (receives 100 pts/s due to a debuf).


  • Ships made by ‘Ellydium’ scientists with Alien technology may evolve under the influence of ‘xenocrystals’.
Ship rank changes.
Ship appearance changes.
Available modules, weapons and special modules change.
  • All changes to the ships are made by pilots themselves when they choose the appropriate nodes in the ship tree.
  • All development nodes in the new ship tree can be divided into several classes:
‘Special module’ node class. Allows to equip the ship with various special modules, depending on ship rank and its objectives.
‘Blueprint research’ node class for modules, modifiers and weapons. Required for production of special modules, modifiers and weapons from ‘Ellydium’ corporation. After research the nodes will not be visible in the ship tree.
‘Basic ship characteristics’ node class. Improves guidance. Increases maximum energy reserves and its recovery speed. Increases maximum ship speed. Increases maximum hull durability. Increases maximum shield volume. Improves weapon parameters.
‘Auxiliary ship slot’ node class. Adds slots for hull, capacitor, active modules, shield modifiers, engine and CPU.
‘Additional bonuses’ node class. Adds bonuses to defence and attack. You can only activate one module at a time.
  • The pilot must first research his desired node, and then activate it or a group of research nodes. Only after pressing the ‘Apply’ button the selected changes will be activated on your ship.
  • Each node can be deactivated, thus changing the configuration and capabilities of the ship to fit the specific challenges the pilot faces.
  • The number of slots on the ship is limited! Carefully review all the possible nodes and activate only the ones that you need.

List of nodes

Unique weapons

These weapons are researched from ship nodes.

Thar'Ga'tok launcher

A powerful electromagnetic weapon. Damage increases after prolonged firing.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Thar'Ga’.

Thar'kth cannon

Kinetic weapon with charge accumulation. Range increases and spread decreases with accumulation.

Available to gunships.

Unique active modules

These modules are researched from ship nodes or available only for Thar'Ga.

Missile reload

An extension of the missile compartment, allowing it to carry out an immediate and full reload.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ ships.

Crystal drone

Detaches a stationary drone from the crystalline portion of the hull, which can hit several targets simultaneously.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Thar'Ga’.

Reflected rage

Removes all negative effects and grants invulnerability. Damages all enemies, who lock the player as their target, ignoring shield. Large ships get more damage.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Thar'Ga’.

Alien intuition

Increases critical hit chance, but disrupts its own guidance systems. When using this module, locking a target is impossible.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Thar'Ga’.

Inhibitor swarm

A nanobot swarm is launched in the crosshairs' direction. Enemies hit by the swarm receive EM damage and have their maneuverability reduced.

Available to gunships.

Unique modifiers

These modifiers are researched from ship nodes or available only for Thar'Ga.

Signal router

If the ship does not use weapons and active modules, unused energy is directed into the engines, significantly increasing ship movement, strafe and rotation speed.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

An engine modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Thar'Ga’.

Resonating shield

When the ship loses its shield, all enemies in a large radius receive thermal damage.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

A capacitor modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Thar'Ga’.

Matter Absorber

If a ship is destroyed in a large radius, hull is repaired.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

A hull modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Thar'Ga’.

Matter transformer

If a ship is destroyed in a large radius, weapon damage increases.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

A CPU modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Thar'Ga’.

Available equipment

Rank 5:

Rank 6:

Rank 7:

Rank 8:

Rank 9:

Rank 10:

Rank 11:

Rank 12:

Rank 13:

Rank 14:

Rank 15:


Ship model

Special modules of fighter Thar'Ga


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