Emergency repair station

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Emergency repair station

Type: Active module.

Group: Engineer modules.

For ranks: 13-17.

For ship: Waz'Got Role engineer.png


Resistance to damage increases for all allies in a 2500 m. range.
If an ally loses more than 75% hull, the station disintegrates and repairs 27% of the hull. The damage has to be received within the station's range.


Parameters Emergency repair station 17
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4
Hull damage resistance 20 pts. +3,3 pts. +3,3 pts. +1,7 pts.
Station durability 2000 pts.
Active time 30 s.
Energy consumption 145 en.
Host damage 250 pts.
Recharge 43 s. -3 s. -3 s. -3 s.
Cost Manufacturing 742500Currency credits.png 1485000Currency credits.png 3465000Currency credits.png


Emergency repair station (view).jpg Ellydium module4 (art).jpg

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