Landing platform

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Landing platform

Type: Landing platform.

Group: Suppressor Class modules.

For ranks: 8-13, 12-17.

For ship type: Destroyer Suppressor.png


Launches a drone, defending the ship at up to 3000 m. upon the module's activation.
Module can be activated only when target is locked.
Can accept landing allied ships, so that the guest can't use modules, yet gets a weapon boost (+25% damage, +25% range), 50 pts. resistance to all types of damage and 500 pts./s. of hull repairs.
The host gets a boost to shield and energy regeneration (+150 en./s.).
The ship that has landed on the platform can be removed by holding the module button.


Parameters Landing platform 13 Landing platform 17
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4 Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4
Drone: weapon damage (EM) 1340 dmg. +60 dmg. +60 dmg. +60 dmg. 1400 dmg. +60 dmg. +60 dmg. +60 dmg.
Drone: rate of fire 90 rounds/min 90 rounds/min
Drone: weapon range 2000 m. 2000 m.
Drone: max. speed 300 m./s. 300 m./s.
Drone: maneuverability 320 deg./s. 320 deg./s.
Drone: durability 2120 pts. +100 pts. +100 pts. +80 pts. 2220 pts. +100 pts. +100 pts. +80 pts.
Drone production time 45 s. -5 s. -5 s. -5 s. 40 s. -5 s. -5 s. -5 s.
Shield regen 500 pts./s. +200 pts./s. +100 pts./s. +100 pts./s. 600 pts./s. +200 pts./s. +100 pts./s. +100 pts./s.
Module durability 7800 pts. 7800 pts.
Recovery time on destruction 52 s. 52 s.
Damage on destruction 4000 dmg. 4000 dmg.
Host damage 240 dmg. 270 dmg.
Energy consumption 475 en. 535 en.
Cost Manufacturing 162000Currency credits.png 324000Currency credits.png 756000Currency credits.png Manufacturing 540000Currency credits.png 1080000Currency credits.png 2520000Currency credits.png


Landing platform (view).jpg

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