Masking station

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Masking station

Type: Active module.

Group: Recon modules.

For ranks: 6-10.

For ship: Nightingale Recon.png


Creates a field masking allied ships.
If an allied ship shoots, launches missiles or using modules, it becomes visible for 4 s.
The station is visible to everyone.


Parameters Masking station 10
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4
Active range 1000 m.
Active time 15 s.
Energy consumption 187 en.
Recharge 70 s. -9 s. -8 s. -7 s.
Cost Can be picked up from destroyed enemies in the zone Naberia-392 complex 81700Currency credits.png 163400Currency credits.png 381200Currency credits.png

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