Swarm control

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Swarm control

Type: Active module.

Group: Suppressor Class modules.

For ranks: 10-14, 13-17.

For ship: Ze'Ta Suppressor.png


Gives the pilot control over the destroyer's swarm. The swarm's damage increases during this time.
The ship is also simultaneously repaired for 25 s. with growing speed.
The repair process is interrupted because of collisions and receiving damage.
Maximum flight range of controlled swarm is limited. If the swarms flies further than the module's maximum range, it returns to the ship after 7 s.


Parameters Swarm control 14 Swarm control 17
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4 Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4
Swarm damage boost 80% +5% +5% +5% 85% +5% +5% +5%
Hull repair (min.) 1558 pts./s. +121 pts./s. +121 pts./s. +79 pts./s. 1679 pts./s. +121 pts./s. +121 pts./s. +79 pts./s.
Hull repair (max.) 8383 pts./s. +646 pts./s. +646 pts./s. +429 pts./s. 9029 pts./s. +646 pts./s. +646 pts./s. +429 pts./s.
Max. range 6000 m. +500 m. +500 m. +250 m. 6000 m. +500 m. +500 m. +250 m.
Module durability 6500 pts. 6500 pts.
Recovery time on destruction 93 s. 93 s.
Damage on destruction 5000 dmg. 5000 dmg.
Host damage 950 dmg. 1070 dmg.
Energy consumption 475 en. 535 en.
Recharge 38 s. 35 s.
Cost Manufacturing 256500Currency credits.png 513000Currency credits.png 1197000Currency credits.png Manufacturing 742500Currency credits.png 1485000Currency credits.png 3465000Currency credits.png


Swarm control (view).jpg

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