'Dead heart' laser

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'Dead heart' laser
'Dead heart' laser

Type: Laser weapon.

For ship: Cor Vulnus

For ranks: 14-17.



When hitting an enemy, it disables their energy regeneration. This doesn't prevent the enemy from replenishing energy from other sources.


Parameters are shown without ship bonuses and modifiers for the 1 weapon.
Damage per second and per shot increase depending on the number of weapons mounted on the ship.
Some damage parameters are rounded to integer values.
Parameters 'Dead heart' laser 17
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4
DPS (thermal) 748 dmg./s. +44 dmg./s. +44 dmg./s. +44 dmg./s.
Damage (thermal) 374 dmg. +22 dmg. +22 dmg. +22 dmg.
Rate of fire 120 rounds/min
Critical chance 15%
Critical damage bonus 75%
Firing range (max.) 2700 m.
Overheating/cooling 6/2 s.
Cost Manufacturing 2205000 4410000 10290000

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