Aim-assisted cannon

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Aim-assisted cannon

Type: Thermal weapon.

For ship: Boremys Guard.png

For ranks: 15-17.


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If one of the projectiles hits the enemy, the rest of the burst is automatically homing in on the target.

Weapon history

Commendation list №3100005112

The head of the scientific group Sci-Tech Universal, Eugene Milk, is awarded for inventing and developing the technology of “Tracking neural links”.

An excerpt from the report of a group of scientists at the Federation starfleet’s military council.

“...Thus, projectiles launched in one burst are connected by a neural network, which allows to correct the flight through software, rather than hardware, as it has been so far. The basis of the technology is a special alloy used in the manufacture of the shell's body. The obvious disadvantages of the technology are the inability to intervene in course adjustments... "

From an encrypted message of the “Ironside Empire” foreign intelligence agent

“The tracking neural link tech was demonstrated and approved by the military council. Full-scale production is active. The invention was copied and sent via a backup channel. Requesting ways to evacuate. There is a possibility my status may be uncovered”.

“Dark times history”. Vol 32. Published by “Helion Inc

The tracking neural links (TNL) tech has been the subject of espionage for two years. There were more than 200 hundred officially confirmed victims of special operations. Reports and encrypted messages were coming in almost every day. This period entered the secret operation handbooks under the name “Neural Web”. There were many brilliant and failed solutions. The consequence of the Neural Web was that everyone got their hands on the technology. The Federation used it to correct projectile flight. The rest went much further.


Parameters are shown without ship bonuses and modifiers for the 1 weapon.
The rate of fire increases depending on the number of weapons mounted on the ship, result is increased damage per second.
Some damage parameters are rounded to integer values.
Parameters Aim-assisted cannon 17
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4 Mk.5
DPS (thermal) 534 dmg./s. +19,5 dmg./s. +19 dmg./s. +15,5 dmg./s. +14 dmg./s.
Damage (thermal) 1455 dmg. +53 dmg. +53 dmg. +42 dmg. +38 dmg.
Rate of fire 22 rounds/min
Critical chance 5%
Critical damage bonus 50%
Projectile speed 4000 m./s.
Firing range (max.) 3500 m.
Spread 0,3 deg.
Overheating/cooling 6/0,5 s.
Cost Can be picked up from destroyed enemies in the zone Pallas Border 1575000Currency credits.png 3150000Currency credits.png 7350000Currency credits.png Manufacturing

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