Emergency reboot

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Emergency reboot

Type: Active combat module.

Group: Gunship modules.

For ranks: 15-17.

For ship: Typhon Role attack.png


Interrupts all negative effects and prevents new negative effects. The ship can only be damaged by collisions.
Regenerates hull, but for the next 10 s. decreases the incoming shield and hull regeneration by 60%.
Blocks the use of the “Combat Reboot” module until the cooldown is complete.


Parameters Emergency reboot 17
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4
Active time 1.5 s. +0.1 s. +0.2 s. +0.2 s.
Hull repair 3200 pts. +480 pts. +110 pts. +114 pts.
Energy consumption 220 en.
Recharge 51 s. -3 s. -2 s. -1 s.
Cost Manufacturing 1228500Currency credits.png 2457000Currency credits.png 5733000Currency credits.png

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