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Type: Kinetic weapon.

For ship type: Axe-X, Lance S and premium ships of the role

For ranks: 1-5, 10-15.



Critical hits reduce enemy damage resistance by 25 pts. for 10 s.

Weapon history

Despite the fact that Liquidator-X appeared recently, its research had been conducted since the time of the third war for the Bartle sector. The Yamato and Bosco families competed for the project. The latter, having bought several patents, took the leading role in the project. In the shortest possible time, the weapon was ready. The weapon's special perk is that with a critical hit the resistance of the enemy decreases. This happened because of acid that was inside the projectile and detonated during a critical shot. Without destroying the hull, it corrupted the composition of metals and armour lost its protective ability. When interacting with the shield, it absorbed some of its energy, making it unable to take a hit. Despite the success of the weapon, the family council decided to freeze the project until better times. Documentation and ships equipped with these weapons were mothballed at the Raid military base Entente-S. After the invasion, during one of the expeditions, Mendez opened the vaults and took the guns. Later the blueprints were delivered to the UMC.

  From the report of the sentinel Kwai Wong:

During the study of the Jericho territories, Raid's base Entente-S was discovered. At the base, we found the project of the Bosco family, namely the “Liquidator-X” gun. The weapon was installed on the ships Lance S and Axe-X. In addition, industrial documentation, electronic orders of the family council and other Jericho ships were found. I recommend to test the weapon and put it into service. Yes, and UMC pays well for weapons. Expeditions to the closed sectors will also be continued.


Parameters are shown without ship bonuses and modifiers for the 1 weapon.
Damage per second and per shot increase depending on the number of weapons mounted on the ship.
Some damage parameters are rounded to integer values.
Parameters Liquidator-X 5 Liquidator-X 15
Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4 Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4 Mk.5
DPS (kinetic) 392 dmg./s. +18 dmg./s. +16 dmg./s. +14 dmg./s. 452 dmg./s. +18 dmg./s. +16 dmg./s. +14 dmg./s. +12 dmg./s.
Damage (kinetic) 261 dmg. +12 dmg. +11 dmg. +9 dmg. 301 dmg. +12 dmg. +11 dmg. +9 dmg. +8 dmg.
Rate of fire 90 rounds/min 90 rounds/min
Critical chance 15% 15%
Critical damage bonus 50% 50%
Projectile speed 5500 m/s 6100 m/s
Firing range (max.) 3900 m. 4100 m.
Spread (from-to) 0.1-2 deg. 0.1-2 deg.
Overheating/cooling 10/2 s. 10/2 s.
Cost Can be picked up from destroyed enemies in the zone Scrapyard 20300 40500 94500 Can be picked up from destroyed enemies in the zone Colonization Hub 225000 450000 1050000 Manufacturing

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