Guided torpedo

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Guided torpedo

Type: Special module

For ship type: Role sniper.png (Jericho)


Launches a guided missile, causing thermal damage during an explosion.
Explosion damage depends on the level of the main weapon installed on the ship.
The explosion leaves a radioactive cloud dealing damage to all targets in a radius of 270 m. for a period of 10 s.


  • Torpedo can be exploded at any time of control.
  • Explosion damage depends on target size: interceptor and drone - *0,66; fighter - *1; frigate - *1,25; destroyer - *1,75.
  • The cloud does damage unevenly: at the epicenter is stronger than at the edges.

Ships on which Guided torpedo can be installed

Rank 6: Priest Bartle, Templar

Rank 7: Templar AE

Rank 9: Ira Deus, Crus A

Rank 11: Tormentor AE

Rank 13: Mauler

Rank 14: Inquisitor AE

Rank 15: Kraken

Rank 17: Executor


Parameters Ranks
6 7-9 10-12 13-17
Blast (thermal) 6927 dmg. 7644 dmg. 8181 dmg. 8540 dmg.
Cloud DPS (thermal) 1039 dmg./s. 1147 dmg./s. 1227 dmg./s. 1281 dmg./s.
Flight range 8000 m. 10000 m. 10000 m. 10000 m.
Flight speed 780 m./s.
Maneuvering speed 18,2 deg./s. 19,8 deg./s. 21,5 deg./s. 23,1 deg./s.
Recharge 12,8 s.

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