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Accumulates 5% free experience

The maximum experience level — 10

Survivability* 18455
Hull 5439
Shield 9910
Energy 743
Speed 308

Available from the beginning:
Maximum speed increased by 5%.
Available at experience level 2:
Energy regeneration speed increased by 25%.
Available at experience level 4:
Should be chosen
Available at experience level 8:
Should be chosen

Equipment upon purchase
Assault Railgun 17 RailUp1 Icon.png SpaceMissile Standart.png
Active modules
Active-y.png Active-y.png Active-y.png Active-y.png
Ship modifiers
Engine Enginemod-y.png
Capacitor Capacitormod-y.png Capacitormod-y.png Capacitormod-y.png
Shield Shieldmod-y.png Shieldmod-y.png
Hull Hullmod-y.png
CPU Compmod-y.png Compmod-y.png

Special module Should be chosen

Cost of manufacturing 50000000 Currency credits.png
Cost of refitting 1000000 Currency credits.png

* All specifications are shown for the ship with the maximum level of experience (10) without equipment

General information

Faction: Jericho
Class: Fighter
Role: Command
Rank: 16


This is a highly customisable ship obtained through crafting.
Craft ships are made from parts that can be assembled in the workshop. When creating a ship, you can configure the number of slots for each type of modifier (engine, capacitor, shield, hull, computer; maximum slots of one type are 3). Total distribution slots — 9.

This ship has pre-installed modifier slots: 1 engine, 3 capacitors, 2 shields, 1 hull and 2 cpu.

Command ships are spearheading the offence. Diffusion Shield covers them from enemy fire, while decent hull and shield ensure their longevity. Command ships are particularly strong in groups.

The inhabitants of Jericho made pilgrimages to the Monolith for centuries. Even the invasion and the ban on flights to this zone could not break this tradition. However, it became truly dangerous to travel even for short distances. Nevertheless, there were enough of those willing to put their lives at risk to get to the main shrine. Representatives of the more prosperous Jericho class risked money in order not to risk their heads. Their own. A new tradition appeared and quickly took root among the top Jericho Families. The patriarchs would only venture on a pilgrimage under the protection of mercenaries, who charged an incredible amount of credits for their services.

So a few years ago Pilgrim was constructed with the money of caring patrons. A model designed to protect pilgrims. In order to make flights in turbulent times for the galaxy, the ship was equipped with a camouflage generator and rapid-fire weapons, while a lot of effort was put into the shield system. Grateful patriarchs sometimes gave it as a gift to their most faithful servants for conscientious service.

Just recently, Pilgrim became available on the market. The reason for the sharply increased popularity of the ship was not mass passion for pilgrimages. The model was appreciated by the UMC mercenaries who found a new use for it — in battles. In their hands, the ship turned out to have a much wider functionality than the designers had originally intended.

Unique ship equipment


“Thanatos” railgun

If the target dies shortly after a hit, its death generates an explosion.

Active module

Camouflage shroud

Launches a missile, which generates a shroud on hit or when activated. All the ships inside it can not be detected, but they can not use the radar.

Shield modifier

Safety speed boost

Constantly increases the speed and acceleration of the ship. Gives an additional bonus at low shield integrity. You can place only one modifier.


Special module

You must select one of the following special modules. If there is one special module, you won't have to choose.

Description Energy consumption  Recharge
Command diffusion shield.png Surrounds the ship with a shield for 15 seconds. The shield absorbs all damage, but spends energy: 1 point for every 15 pts. damage. If energy is depleted, the shield disappears. 0 en. 30 s.
Emergency landing1.png On 23 s. the ship lands down on the surface, the distance to which should be no more than 500 m. The landing angle should be no more than 45 degrees. For the duration of the module, the shield is activated with the strength of 30000 pts., the damage, range and projectile speed of the main weapon is increased by 30%. Additionally heals main shield by 2500 pts./sec. Takeoff recovers 2500 hull pts. for 4 s. and gives invulnerability for 1.5 s. 150 en. 18 s.


You must select one bonus for each level. If there is one bonus on a level, you won't have to choose.

4 lvl bonus.png Main weapon damage increased by 10%.
4 lvl bonus.png Kinetic weapon spread reduced by 33.3%.
Kinetic weapon projectile speed increased by 35%.
4 lvl bonus.png Critical chance increased by 10%.
8 lvl bonus.png Effects of "Command modules" increased by 20%.
8 lvl bonus.png Effective range of "Command modules" increased by 50%.
8 lvl bonus.png Reloading rate of "Command modules" reduced by 13%.

Available equipment

Ion Emitter 17 Pirate Ion Emitter 17 Singularity Cannon 17 / Pirate Singularity Cannon 17 Assault Railgun 17 Gauss Cannon 17 Pirate Gauss Cannon 17 Flux Phaser 17 Thilith Beam gun.png Turbophaser DN-1.jpg Phaser 17 “Thanatos” railgun.jpg

Missile slot
SpaceMissile Standart.png SpaceMissile Standart Gold Icon.png SpaceMissile EMP.png SpaceMissile Kinetic.png SpaceMissile Doomsday Icon.png Module GuidedDron Icon.png Crystal drone (for fight-frig).jpg SpaceMissile Ion.png Inhibitor missiles.jpg

Active Role Modules
Coating Polarizer.png Aegis System.png Shield Havoc module.png Valkyrie System.png Gravi-scanner.png Camouflage shroud.jpg

Active Multipurpose Modules

ShieldRestoreMedium Icon.png RepairDronesMedium Icon.png InfraredContermeasure Icon.png AdaptiveArmorBoost Icon.png Hull restoration system.jpg AdaptiveShieldBoost Icon.png Energy Converter module.png

Ship modifiers
CollisionComp Icon.png EngineGenerator Icon.png KatalizatorInjector Icon.png RotationThruster Icon.png Cruise engine modificator icon.png BoostersOverLoader Icon.png Shared cooler icon.png InertialStabilizer Icon.png

CapacitorRecharging Icon.png ExtCapacitorBattary Icon.png ImplsDischarger Icon.png EmergencyBarrier Icon.png CptrEnrgBridge Icon.png WeaponCoolant Icon.png CmplxBatt Icon.png CpctrPwrRelay Icon.png

AddShldGen Icon.png Multipurpose shield.jpg ShieldExtender Icon.png ResistShldThermal Icon.png ResistShieldEMP Icon.png ResistShieldKin Icon.png ExtShld Icon.png CuttedShieldHolder Icon.png Recuperator Icon.png Adaptive shield icon.png SubmatterShield Icon.png Safety speed boost.jpg

ArmorPlates Icon.png Em-insulation icon.png ResistHullThermal Icon.png ResistHullKinetic Icon.png HeavyArmor Icon.png Crystal Plates.png AutoRepairUnit Icon.png PassiveArmor Icon.png FastMissileRacks Icon.png CompositeArmor Icon.png LightArmor Icon.png Extended hull icon.png

TurboScanner Icon.png ScoutScanner Icon.png BattleScanner Icon.png ProtonWall Icon.png RangeMasterUnit Icon.png WideScanner Icon.png CoProcessor Icon.png Spatial scanner icon.png

Tables of ship's technical characteristics

Ship's resistance to incoming damage

Shield resistance Hull resistance
to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.) to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.)
25 55 -5 25 -5 55

Ship's characteristics on different experience levels

Level Energy Hull, (pts.) Shield Sensors
capacity, (pts.) for afterburner, (pts./s) regeneration, (pts./s) capacity, (pts.) regeneration, (pts./s) range, (m) target lock time, (s)
1 635 175 123 4495 8190 140 2500 2
2 635 175 154 4900 8927 140 2500 2
3 635 175 154 5079 9255 140 2750 2
4 654 175 158 5079 9255 140 2750 2
5 679 175 162 5214 9500 140 3000 2
6 699 175 166 5304 9664 140 3000 2
7 699 175 166 5394 9746 140 3250 2
8 699 175 166 5394 9746 140 3500 2
9 718 175 170 5439 9828 140 3500 2
10 743 175 175 5439 9910 140 3750 2

Ship's speed on different experience levels

Level Speed Acceleration, (m/s2) Strafe, (m/s) Pitch, (deg./s) Roll, (deg./s)
march, (m/s) afterburner, (m/s)
1 298 358 90 88 72 66
2 298 358 90 88 72 66
3 300 360 92 88 72 66
4 300 360 92 88 72 66
5 300 360 92 88 72 66
6 302 362 95 88 72 66
7 304 365 97 88 72 66
8 306 367 100 88 72 66
9 308 369 102 88 72 66
10 308 369 102 88 72 66

Player Builds

Recon.png Fighter (Icon).png Frigate (Icon).png Suppressor.png
Interceptors Fighters Frigates Destroyers