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Accumulates 20% free experience
+50% credits
Doesn't need repairs, +2 cargo spaces
Earns x2 experience
Allows you to receive in the victorious battle details of the 5 rank ships.

The maximum level of experience — 8

Survivability* 6355
Hull 2850
Shield 3273
Energy 297
Speed 394

Available from the beginning:
Beacon capture speed increased by 20%.
Critical chance increased by 30%.
Energy consumption of "Covert Ops modules" reduced by 25%.

Equipment upon purchase
Plasma Gun 5
Active modules
Ship modifiers

Special module

Manufacturing 80 x

* All specifications are shown for the ship with the maximum level of experience (8) without equipment

General information

Class: Interceptor
Role: Covert Ops
Rank: 5


This ship belongs to the premium technology
Premium ships bring their pilots more credits and experience. Moreover, they do not require repair, have 2 more cargo slots for Open World than standard ships and also the maximum level of experience when buying! And, finally, you can install all the “unique and for the premium ships of the same role” weapons, modules and modifiers (maximum 2).

Covert Ops ships are designed for sudden hit and run attacks on individual enemy ships. A special plasma web allows these ships to cause damage to the enemy without any direct contact whatsoever.

Veteran of the war for Bartle sector. Designers took the existing design as a basis, improving its maneuverability. Interceptors of this model are often involved in exhibition flights and parades.

Like ‘Palom’, it returned to take part in combat missions since the beginning of the invasion. Quickly became one of the most popular vessels for reconnaissance and data transfer between neighbouring colonies to coordinate patrols and blocking detachments.

Unique ship equipment

Active module

'Avalanche' Projector

Launches a charge that adheres to the enemy and deals damage. Several charges can adhere to a single opponent.

Capacitor modifier

Module cooler

Accelerates active module reloading.

Available equipment

Plasma Gun 5 Pulse Laser 7 Shrapnel Cannon 8

Missile slot

Active Role Modules

Active Multipurpose Modules

Ship modifiers





Tables of ship's technical characteristics

Ship's resistance to incoming damage

Shield resistance Hull resistance
to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.) to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.)
0 30 -30 15 -15 45

Ship's characteristics on different experience levels

Level Energy Hull, (pts.) Shield Sensors
capacity, (pts.) for afterburner, (pts./s) regeneration, (pts./s) capacity, (pts.) regeneration, (pts./s) range, (m) target lock time, (s)
6 297 67 63 2850 3273 89 4200 2

Ship's speed on different experience levels

Level Speed Acceleration, (m/s2) Strafe, (m/s) Pitch, (deg./s) Roll, (deg./s)
march, (m/s) afterburner, (m/s)
6 394 473 196 114 102 78

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