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Ship parts.png
  • Ship parts can be obtained in the “Search for values” window after combat in PvP, PvE and CO-OP modes.
  • Also sometimes there are tasks of UMC within events.
  • Necessary parts of the ship can be obtained in special Bundles.
  • Bundles with ship parts can be purchased immediately. To do this, click on the "Buy" button under the ship icon.

Rules for obtaining parts of premium ships

  • To receive ship parts during the “Search for values” after battles in PvP, PvE and CO-OP modes, the ship on which you take off for battle must be of the same or closest rank as the assembled.
  • Only ships with the maximun level of experience are counted.
  • If you fly in a battle only on suitable ships, then the chance of getting the parts will be maximum.
  • If no suitable ship is displayed, the chance to get a premium ship part is zero.

List of ships created from parts

Rank 5: Ghost, Kite-E

Rank 7: Archelon

Rank 8: Nightingale

Rank 13: Brokk, Stingray

Rank 15: Karud

Rank 17: Boremys, Executor (both only from bundles)