Plasma web

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Plasma web
Plasma web

Type: Special module

For ship type:


Launches a plasma web dealing thermal dmg. over a period of 12 seconds.
If the target’s speed is higher than 50%, the target receives additional thermal damage.
The amount of damage depends on the level of the main weapon installed on the ship.

Ships which Plasma web can be installed on

Rank 3: Swift

Rank 4: Swift-M

Rank 5: Dagger V, Kite-E

Rank 6: Superkite, Swift Mk 3, Blade of Aressa

Rank 8: Hawk-M, Ricasso

Rank 9: Eagle-B, Kite

Rank 10: Kite-M, Kris S

Rank 11: Eagle, Nodachi A

Rank 12: Konkistador, Eagle-M

Rank 13: Grey Falcon

Rank 14: Wakizashi R

Rank 15: Falcon-M, Golden Eagle, Peregrine

Rank 16: Kusarigama

Rank 17: Spike


Parameters Ranks
3 4-6 8-9 10-12 13-17
DPS (thermal) 112 dmg./s. 128 dmg./s. 142 dmg./s. 152 dmg./s. 158 dmg./s.
Additional DPS (thermal) 335 dmg./s. 385 dmg./s. 425 dmg./s. 455 dmg./s. 475 dmg./s.
Active range 2000 m.
Energy consumption 35 en. 40 en. 45 en. 49 en. 54 en.
Recharge 40 s.

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