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As the name suggests, PvE is an acronym for 'Player versus Environment'. This class of gameplay involves human players (also known as 'Mercenaries' by in-game NPC officiers) battling against AI-controlled ships, turrets, accompanied with some other objectives in-game, such as cargo escorting and (to boost rewards) bonus sub-missions including destroying a specified target or retrieving multiple objects in an environment.

  • Missions for ranks 1-17 have multiple dynamic difficulty levels from 1 to infinity. Players initially have access only to the first difficulty level. Subsequent levels will become available as you progress through the previous ones. Enemies in the missions become stronger with each level. Mission level is selected by players on the ship selection screen. Players are also able to get stronger as part of the PvE missions, by buying their own special bonuses that only work in PvE.
  • A certain mission can only be selected by a commander of squad of 4 pilots. Single pilots can go to one of 2 current random missions.
  • Each mission is conventionally divided into several conditional stages and is passed by a team consisting of 4 pilots.
  • If your ally's ship is unfortunately destroyed, you can recover it, assuming he/she hasn't initiated the "Reconstruction" of his/her ship. To respawn him/her manually, you will need to approach the wreck of his ship and interact with it. If you are destroyed, you can also recover your ship, but no more than 5 times [Tip: Premium ships can respawn once for free]. In the worst-case scenario, all players' ships will be destroyed. At this point, the screen will flash red, saying "WARNING: No live players. The mission will end.". After the timer runs out, the mission will result in a failure.
  • All pilots completing PvE missions get a special valuable resource “Insignia”.
    • The earned Insignia can be used to enhance your defences and power in PvE missions.
    • Enhancing is available from 4 clearance level.

Mission List

Mission Min. clearance level Task Features
'Blackwood' Shipyard 'Blackwood' Shipyard 1 Repel an attack by Ironside's fighters on a shipyard with a dreadnought. Opponents in the first stages have low strength, but attack in large quantities. "Boss" appears in the final.
Fire support Fire support 1 Destroy the raider forces in the complex "Naberia-392". A cruiser appears at the end.
Captured Dreadnought Captured Dreadnought 1 Disrupt pirate repairs to a damaged imperial dreadnought. In all stages, opponents appear endlessly.
Defence Contract Defence Contract 4 Protect the sector, destroy the attacking raider forces. Analogue of the mission 'Fire support', passing on a more open location.
Processing rig Processing rig 5 Raid a mining station captured by the Cartel and remove resources from it. In the final you need to accompany allied transport ships.
Temple of Last hope Temple of Last hope 5 Protect the generator, which is attacked by the constantly arriving waves of enemies. The mission is almost endless. Enemies are getting stronger with each wave.
'Ellydium' plant raid 'Ellydium' plant raid 6 Help Ellydium regain access to the old factory taken over by the Cartel. There is an attack of biomorphs in the final.
Operation «Crimson Haze» Operation «Crimson Haze» 6 Raid the Cyber radar station. You need to build heavy turrets in the final .
Operation 'Ice Belt' Operation 'Ice Belt' 7 Disrupt the Cartel's repair of the damaged Federation dreadnought. "Boss" appears in the final.
Ariadne's Thread Ariadne's Thread 7 Protect the shipyard from Cyber attacks. The choice of enemies occurs randomly. Additional targets appear. Passes on the same location as the 'Blackwood' Shipyard.
Operation 'Monolith' Operation 'Monolith' 8 Maintain fire penetration into the Monolith to prevent capture of valuable artifacts by Cybers. The choice of enemies occurs randomly. Tasks depend on your actions. Additional tasks appear.
The price of trust The price of trust 8 Protect the Ellydium dreadnought "Defiant" by repelling the pirates' attack on him. The choice of enemies occurs randomly. Tasks depend on your actions.
Pirate Fort Raid Pirate Fort Raid 12 Raid the pirate base. A very powerful pirate boss appears in the final.
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