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Accumulates 20% free experience
+50% credits
Doesn't need repairs, +2 cargo spaces
Earns x2 experience

The maximum level of experience — 9

Survivability* 17267
Hull 4465
Shield 8772
Energy 685
Speed 293

Available from the beginning:
Maximum capacitor volume increased by 15%.
Strafe speed increased by 30%.
Shield resistance to all damage increased by 15 pts.
Energy regeneration speed increased by 45%.
Effective range of "Command modules" increased by 50%.
Critical chance increased by 10%.

Equipment upon purchase
Assault Railgun 12 RailUp1 Icon.png SpaceMissile Standart.png
Active modules
Aegis System.png ShieldRestoreMedium Icon.png Valkyrie System.png AdaptiveShieldBoost Icon.png
Ship modifiers
Engine CollisionComp Icon.png EngineGenerator Icon.png
Capacitor ExtCapacitorBattary Icon.png CapacitorRecharging Icon.png
Shield Recuperator Icon.png ResistShieldEMP Icon.png Adaptive shield icon.png
CPU BattleScanner Icon.png WideScanner Icon.png

Special module Command diffusion shield.png

Buying price DLC

* All specifications are shown for the ship with the maximum level of experience (9) without equipment

General information

Faction: JERICHO
Class: Fighter
Role: Command
Rank: 9


This ship belongs to the premium technology
Premium ships bring their pilots more credits and experience. Moreover, they do not require repair, have 2 more cargo slots for Open World than standard ships and also the maximum level of experience when buying! And, finally, you can install all the “unique and for the premium ships of the same role” weapons, modules and modifiers (maximum 2).

Command ships are spearheading the offence. Diffusion Shield covers them from enemy fire, while decent hull and shield ensure their longevity. Command ships are particularly strong in groups.

Developed by the Liu Family in 4504. After the destruction of Monolith, the Mendes Family received the right to produce ships in limited quantities. Despite initial plans to build a ship entirely without a cockpit, manual override systems were still present in the final design. Dragonfly is now considered an obsolete model, although many critics have hardly even seen the ship in person.

The JNC-10D neural catalyst doesn’t provide the same deep immersion into the ship’s systems as on Razor, but at the expense of this it reduces the stress on the brains of untrained pilots. The fewer number of sensors also facilitates the work of the crew by reducing the pain sensations.

Pilots who use Dragonfly often refuse to control other fighters. Now, 119 years later, the Liu family is ready to privately modernize the Dragonfly. The entire ship’s power system will be replaced, significantly increasing the efficiency of power generation, which will have a positive effect on the operation of the diffusion shield. The ship’s manoeuvring engines will also be modified.

Rumour has it that Jericho mercenary Jordan Fly has destroyed several pirate gunships in an uneven battle while piloting Dragonfly. The ship didn’t receive any damage in that battle. The mercenaries also spotted unmarked modified fighter ships engaging in frequent battles with the biomorphs near the Temple of last hope.

Unique ship equipment

Active module

Reserve energy circuits

Increases your rate of fire. Burns all energy above some threshold, and for every energy point the ship and its allies get additional rate of fire bonus.

Available equipment

Ion Emitter 9 Ion Emitter 13 Singularity Cannon 11 Assault Railgun 12 Gauss Cannon 9 Gauss Cannon 13 Flux Phaser 12 Thilith Beam gun.png Turbophaser DN-1.jpg Thermal energy burner.jpg

Missile slot
SpaceMissile Standart.png SpaceMissile Standart Gold Icon.png SpaceMissile EMP.png SpaceMissile Kinetic.png SpaceMissile Ion.png

Active Role Modules
Coating Polarizer.png Aegis System.png Shield Havoc module.png Valkyrie System.png Gravi-scanner.png 'Prometheus' defence.jpg Penentrating beam.jpg 'Kappa' EM beam.jpg Mobile pulsar.jpg Repelling shield.jpg Energy cube.jpg Reserve energy circuits 12

Active Multipurpose Modules

ShieldRestoreMedium Icon.png RepairDronesMedium Icon.png InfraredContermeasure Icon.png AdaptiveArmorBoost Icon.png Hull restoration system.jpg AdaptiveShieldBoost Icon.png Energy Converter module.png A1MA module.png

Ship modifiers
CollisionComp Icon.png EngineGenerator Icon.png KatalizatorInjector Icon.png RotationThruster Icon.png Cruise engine modificator icon.png BoostersOverLoader Icon.png Shared cooler icon.png Dynamic superchargers.jpg

CapacitorRecharging Icon.png ExtCapacitorBattary Icon.png ImplsDischarger Icon.png EmergencyBarrier Icon.png CptrEnrgBridge Icon.png WeaponCoolant Icon.png Volumetric energy absorber.jpg Emergency regeneration.jpg Progressive energy flow.jpg

AddShldGen Icon.png Multipurpose shield.jpg ShieldExtender Icon.png ResistShldThermal Icon.png ResistShieldEMP Icon.png ResistShieldKin Icon.png ExtShld Icon.png CuttedShieldHolder Icon.png Recuperator Icon.png Adaptive shield icon.png Integrated thermoshiel.jpg

Ship has no hull slots

TurboScanner Icon.png ScoutScanner Icon.png BattleScanner Icon.png ProtonWall Icon.png RangeMasterUnit Icon.png WideScanner Icon.png Combat accelerator.jpg Improved charge algorithms.jpg Spatial scanner icon.png

Tables of ship's technical characteristics

Ship's resistance to incoming damage

Shield resistance Hull resistance
to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.) to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.)
40 70 10 25 -5 55

Ship's characteristics on different experience levels

Level Energy Hull, (pts.) Shield Sensors
capacity, (pts.) for afterburner, (pts./s) regeneration, (pts./s) capacity, (pts.) regeneration, (pts./s) range, (m) target lock time, (s)
9 685 146 164 4465 8772 125 3500 2

Ship's speed on different experience levels

Level Speed Acceleration, (m/s2) Strafe, (m/s) Pitch, (deg./s) Roll, (deg./s)
march, (m/s) afterburner, (m/s)
9 293 352 102 114 72 66

Recon.png Fighter (Icon).png Frigate (Icon).png Suppressor.png
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