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Accumulates 20% free experience
+50% credits
Doesn't need repairs, +2 cargo spaces
Earns x2 experience

The maximum level of experience — 9

Survivability* 25176
Hull 12403
Shield 11706
Energy 1040
Speed 293

Available from the beginning:
Maximum speed increased by 10%.
Effects of "Engineering modules" increased by 20%.
Main weapon damage increased by 10%.

Equipment upon purchase
Beam Cannon 12
Active modules
Ship modifiers

Special module

Buying price 4070

* All specifications are shown for the ship with the maximum level of experience (9) without equipment

General information

Class: Frigate
Role: Engineering
Rank: 9


This ship belongs to the premium technology
Premium ships bring their pilots more credits and experience. Moreover, they do not require repair, have 2 more cargo slots for Open World than standard ships and also the maximum level of experience when buying! And, finally, you can install all the “unique and for the premium ships of the same role” weapons, modules and modifiers (maximum 2).

Engineering ships are designed for construction of auxiliary facilities on the battlefield, as well as for repair of allied ships. Engineers serve as a reliable rear guard for their team.

General Reactors received an order for this ship from a wandering merchant who wished to remain anonymous. According to his drawings, the power grid and maneuverable engines were improved, with the result that the Valor acquired very unique driving characteristics for ships of this class. The company will not refuse service to wealthy mercenaries to collect a copy of this frigate.

Available equipment

Beam Cannon 12 Heavy Blaster 9 Heavy Blaster 13 Positron Cannon 11 Coil Mortar 12 Mass Driver 11 Vulcan 9 Vulcan 13 'Eclipse' Launcher 12 Waz'Dum 12

Missile slot

Active Role Modules

Active Multipurpose Modules

Ship modifiers





Tables of ship's technical characteristics

Ship's resistance to incoming damage

Shield resistance Hull resistance
to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.) to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.)
0 30 -30 15 -15 45

Ship's characteristics on different experience levels

Level Energy Hull, (pts.) Shield Sensors
capacity, (pts.) for afterburner, (pts./s) regeneration, (pts./s) capacity, (pts.) regeneration, (pts./s) range, (m) target lock time, (s)
9 1040 207 201 12403 11706 139 2800 2

Ship's speed on different experience levels

Level Speed Acceleration, (m/s2) Strafe, (m/s) Pitch, (deg./s) Roll, (deg./s)
march, (m/s) afterburner, (m/s)
9 293 352 62 61 30 36

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