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General information

Faction: UMC

Class: Frigate

Role: Long Range

Ranks: 5 - 15.


It was 4613, when an aristocrat from New Babylon, Gabriel Hugot, traveled on his yacht across the resort planets together with his family. During the flight, he was attacked by pirates. Getting the yacht out from the shelling cost him his arm due to serious damage during the attack.

Soon after, Hugot bought several stations of the Sanctum system and organized his own shipyard.

Three years later, the shipyard produced a series of armed yachts, which were immediately sold out. Working on equipping the ship with internal modules, the engineers optimized its space by creating additional power cells, which allowed the yacht’s power unit to reach the level of military ships.

Hugot decided to increase the size of the yacht by equipping it with additional amenities, and also ordered a special main weapon which was designed to destroy attacking pirates. Separate electrical circuits made it possible to install a heavy pi-meson cannon “Peony”, capable of quickly releasing several powerful volleys of unstable particles.

The reinforced and modified yacht got the serial name Helicon, and it has become a real work of art among civilian ships. Behind the appearance of a tropical fish hides a serious armour and a powerful computer that can quickly capture the target in sight.

Hugot never promoted his yacht as a combat one, and this caused the death of a couple of pirate squads trying to capture the Helicon of his friend.


DLC or manufacturing


Progress tree of Helicon
  • The pilot can activate and deactivate nodes in the tree of the Helicon. Wherein:
    • Changes ship's rank.
    • Changes ship's technical characteristics.
    • Changes the set of modules, modifiers and available weapons.
  • The pilot must first learn the node he needs, and then activate him or the group of nodes studied. Only after clicking the “Apply” button will the selected changes appear in your ship. The study will require credits, experience and enriched monocrystals.
  • Each node can be deactivated, to change the configuration and capabilities of the ship for specific tasks facing the pilot.

List of nodes

Unique ship equipment


Weapon 'S-5607 Tide'

A heavy kinetic weapon. The rate of fire increases with continuous fire.

Special module

Rapid-fire disintegrator

Activates a rapid-fire sniper weapon, each shot of which, in addition to the main weapon, deals additional thermal damage to frigates and destroyers. The inflicted damage depends on the level of the main weapon installed on the ship. Firing is possible when there are available projectiles. The projectiles restore themselves.

Active module

Weapon chain destructor

While the module is active, the disintegrator shells that hit enemy ships reduce the damage of their main weapons.

Available equipment

Rank 5:

Rank 6:

Rank 7:

Rank 8:

Rank 9:

Rank 10:

Rank 11:

Rank 12:

Rank 13:

Rank 14:

Rank 15: