Black Dragon

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Black Dragon
Accumulates 20% free experience
+50% credits
Doesn't need repairs, +2 cargo spaces
Earns x2 experience
Allows you to receive in the victorious battle details of the 15 rank ships.

The maximum level of experience — 10

Survivability* 24538
Hull 15034
Shield 6861
Energy 1112
Speed 210

Available from the beginning:
Main weapon damage increased by 7%.
Critical chance increased by 15%.
Hull resistance to thermal damage increased by 30 pts.

Equipment upon purchase
Beam Cannon 17
Active modules
Ship modifiers

Special module

Buying price 11990

* All specifications are shown for the ship with the maximum level of experience (10) without equipment

General information

Faction: EMPIRE
Class: Frigate
Role: Long Range
Rank: 15


This ship belongs to the premium technology
Premium ships bring their pilots more credits and experience. Moreover, they do not require repair, have 2 more cargo slots for Open World than standard ships and also the maximum level of experience when buying! And, finally, you can install all the “unique and for the premium ships of the same role” weapons, modules and modifiers (maximum 2).

These ships are designed for long-range firing. They use their disintegrators or guided torpedoes. However, high-power and long-range weapons come at the cost of armour and shields.

'Project 36-16 was developed for high performance in the Aliens sectors. Combining the best technologies, this frigate quickly became one of the best ships'.

The latest development of the Warden in the field of long-range frigates. It has an improved system of stabilization of weapons, allowing you to strike at the weak points of the enemy with the highest accuracy. According to rumors, the development of this ship were engaged in former pilots, who as a result of injuries went into the engineering building. This is indirectly confirmed by the increased resistance of the hull to high temperatures, since such modifications are made only by the best pilots of the Long-Range Frigates.

Available equipment

Beam Cannon 17 Heavy Blaster 17 / Pirate Heavy Blaster 17 Positron Cannon 17 Pirate Positron Cannon 17 Coil Mortar 17 Boarding Coil Mortar 17 Mass Driver 17 Vulcan 17

Missile slot

Active Role Modules

Active Multipurpose Modules

Ship modifiers


Ship has no shield slots



Tables of ship's technical characteristics

Ship's resistance to incoming damage

Shield resistance Hull resistance
to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.) to thermal weapon, (pts.) to kinetic weapon, (pts.) to EM weapon, (pts.)
0 30 -30 45 -15 45

Ship's characteristics on different experience levels

Level Energy Hull, (pts.) Shield Sensors
capacity, (pts.) for afterburner, (pts./s) regeneration, (pts./s) capacity, (pts.) regeneration, (pts./s) range, (m) target lock time, (s)
10 1112 246 215 15034 6861 162 3000 2

Ship's speed on different experience levels

Level Speed Acceleration, (m/s2) Strafe, (m/s) Pitch, (deg./s) Roll, (deg./s)
march, (m/s) afterburner, (m/s)
10 210 252 62 61 30 36

Ship model