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General information

Faction: Ellydium

Class: Interceptor

Role: Recon

Ranks: 5 - 15

Cabin of Tai'Kin
Progress tree of Tai'Kin

Development history

The new innovative ship, which Ellydium shipyards presented to all pilots of the fringe sectors, is the scout interceptor Tai'Kin. The ship includes all the latest scientific achievements of Ellydium laboratories, which have reached new heights in the development of Alien technology. The ship turned out incredibly fast and maneuverable.

The ship and its active modules' development was conducted by Dr. Matthew Gilmore, head of the mysterious andhighly guarded ‘Science Complex #2’ of the Ellydium Theta station. And it was supervised by Conrad Dimeni himself. Tai'Kin became the first ship that could fully use the unimaginable properties of singlet bosons for changing space-time.

Appearance of the ship with special module Warp-vortex

When using the special module, the ship teleports a certain distanceforward in a fraction of a second, which allows the pilot to quickly move around the battlefield and suddenly find himself behind the enemy's back. All nearby allied ships along the jump's course get a speed bonus.

Appearance of the ship with special module Return crystal

A unique special module that allows the pilot to use unusual tactics in combat. A crystal acting as a warp-beacon is separated from the ship. When reactivated, the ship with the surrounding area of space and even with enemy ships that fall into this area, moves to the beacon. The beacon is vulnerable to ramming. Damage to the ship from the activation is restored.

Appearance of the ship with special module Jump crystals

Uses energy of special crystals' collapse for teleportation. The pilot can make up to four quick jumps in a row. A cloud is left in the start zone every time, dealing damage. Such unexpected maneuvers allow you to quickly lose a stronger opponent in battle. Jumping crystals are restored after a short time.

Appearance of the ship with special module Quantum leap

The special module changes the space-time continuum. When the module is activated, the ship returns to that position in the space where it was some time ago. At the same time the state of the ship is brought to the point of time, in which it returned. Effects applied after the return point are cancelled. If the return spot is occupied, the ship only has a couple of seconds to retreat or it's destroyed.

Appearance of the ship with special module Jump drive

The module is the quintessence of all the unique developments of ‘Ellydium’. When the module is activated, the ship jumps five kilometers forward. An active zone is left the ship's wake, dealing damage to enemies. The jump point produces a growing cloud, dealing damage to enemy ships.


The cabin is the most important component of the ship. To build the ship, pilots first need to manufacture a ship cabin and obtain Xenocrystals. After construction ‘Ellydium’ ships can be developed from rank 5 to rank 15.

Credits, Experience , Xenocrystals and Alien composite blocks are required for the ship's upgrades. Also, for special modules, you need such resources as Entangled shards, Crystal storage, Unstable crystal and Crystal cascade.

To build Tai'Kin you need:

  • 1 Tai'Kin cabin
  • 100 Xenocrystals
  • Additionally 500'000 on study of blueprint and 1'500'000 on cabin production.

Features of ship

  • Interceptor receives higher collision damage due to the fragile crystal structure.
  • Ship receives 50% less regeneration of the shield and hull from any sources (for example, if it is written in the characteristics of the special module that it restores 8000 pts. of the hull, then in reality your ship will recover only 4000 pts.).
  • If the ship does not use modules weapons for 5 seconds, its hull begins to regenerate at 100 pts/s (receives 50 pts/s due to a debuf).


  • Ships made by ‘Ellydium’ scientists with Alien technology may evolve under the influence of ‘xenocrystals’.
Ship rank changes.
Ship appearance changes.
Available modules, weapons and special modules change.
  • All changes to the ships are made by pilots themselves when they choose the appropriate nodes in the ship tree.
  • All development nodes in the new ship tree can be divided into several classes:
‘Special module’ node class. Allows to equip the ship with various special modules, depending on ship rank and its objectives.
‘Blueprint research’ node class for modules, modifiers and weapons. Required for production of special modules, modifiers and weapons from ‘Ellydium’ corporation. After research the nodes will not be visible in the ship tree.
‘Basic ship characteristics’ node class. Improves guidance. Increases maximum energy reserves and its recovery speed. Increases maximum ship speed. Increases maximum hull durability. Increases maximum shield volume. Improves weapon parameters.
‘Auxiliary ship slot’ node class. Adds slots for hull, capacitor, active modules, shield modifiers, engine and CPU.
‘Additional bonuses’ node class. Adds bonuses to defence and attack. You can only activate one module at a time.
  • The pilot must first research his desired node, and then activate it or a group of research nodes. Only after pressing the ‘Apply’ button the selected changes will be activated on your ship.
  • Each node can be deactivated, thus changing the configuration and capabilities of the ship to fit the specific challenges the pilot faces.
  • The number of slots on the ship is limited! Carefully review all the possible nodes and activate only the ones that you need.

List of nodes

Unique weapons

These weapons are researched from ship nodes.

'T'Har'Ok' beamer

Two types of plasma charges: slow homing spheres with a single keypress and rapid projectiles when holding.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ interceptor ‘Tai'Kin’.

'Tai'al' launcher

Fires two powerful homing missiles, but has a long cool down.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ interceptor ‘Tai'Kin’.


Launches a colony of crystalline pseudo-organisms devouring ship hull. Shields do not stop them.

Available to recons.

Unique missiles

These missiles are researched from ship nodes.

Crystal mine

Places a mine with a wide radius, which also slows down active module recharge during explosion.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ interceptor ‘Tai'Kin’.

Unique active modules

These modules are researched from ship nodes or available only for Tai'Kin.

Inhibitor crystal

Launches a growing cloud slowing enemies down. If the cloud moves too far or at the press of a button the cloud explodes with maximum damage in its center. Damage depends on cloud size.

Available to recons.


After activation the target can't become invisible. Any damage to target from allies deals additional damage.

An active module available only to ‘Ellydium’ interceptor ‘Tai'Kin’.

Satellite crystal

Originally attached to the ship and accelerates it. In active mode detaches and attacks the target, slowing it down.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ interceptor ‘Tai'Kin’.

Harvest crystal

Places a locator, showing all enemy ships on the radar, including invisible ones. It charges the owner's shield using the enemy ships.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ interceptor ‘Tai'Kin’.


Creates the ship's hologram for a few seconds. The player's ship becomes invisible.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ interceptor ‘Tai'Kin’.

Crystal destabilization

Upon activation periodically drops explosive crystals, producing a growing cloud dealing damage over time. The cloud dissipates after some time.

Available only to ‘Ellydium’ interceptor ‘Tai'Kin’.

Unique modifiers

These modifiers are researched from ship nodes.

Catalyst crystal

Increases maximum ship speed.

An engine modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ ships.

Emergency jump

When at risk of destruction, the ship jumps forward.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

An engine modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ interceptor ‘Tai'Kin’.

Camouflage shield refractor

Provides invisibility from enemy radars if the ship does not fire, launch missiles or use active modules. Shield charge decreases each second. Camouflage is reset when objects are captured. Strafe and turn speed are decreased.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

A capacitor modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ interceptor ‘Tai'Kin’.

Emergency stasis system

Completely blocks collision damage, temporarily immobilizing the ship.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

A hull modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ ships.

Virtual particle condenser

During warp-jumps hull absorbs virtual particles, repairing itself after each jump.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

A hull modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ interceptor ‘Tai'Kin’.


Weapon damage temporarily increases after special module activation.

You can mount only one modifier of this type.

A CPU modifier, available only to ‘Ellydium’ interceptor ‘Tai'Kin’.

Available equipment

Rank 5:

Rank 6:

Rank 7:

Rank 8:

Rank 9:

Rank 10:

Rank 11:

Rank 12:

Rank 13:

Rank 14:

Rank 15:


There was a unique template with decoration “Night Stalker” in elite DLC with this ship:

Ship model