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Phase shield

Type: Special module

For ship type: Guard.png


Increases shield resistance to selected damage by 120 pts.
When a shield absorbs damage of the corresponding type, it increases the damage of the guns by 15% for 5 seconds.
When activated, it gives a 35% speed bonus for 10 s. The acceleration bonus is reset if the frigate opens fire or activates modules.

Ships on which Phase shield can be installed

Rank 2: Zealot

Rank 3: Palom, Palom Mk II

Rank 4: Zealot AE

Rank 5: Neuron Zealot, Alligator-C

Rank 6: Crus Q

Rank 7: Templar S

Rank 8: Crusader, Reaper

Rank 9: Anaconda-M, Blood Tormentor

Rank 10: Anaconda Mk II, Tormentor

Rank 11: Grizzly Mk II

Rank 12: Tormentor S, Scimitar

Rank 13: Inquisitor

Rank 14: T-Rex Mk II

Rank 15: Inquisitor S, Patriarch, Ronin

Rank 16: Raven

Rank 17: Boremys, Custodian


Depend on ship's rank (2-3/4-6/7-9/10-12/13-17).

  • Energy consumption: 100/170/200/250/300 en./switch

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