Microwarp engine

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Microwarp engine
Microwarp engine

Type: Special module

For ship type:


Accelerates the ship to a very high speed by 2 s.
Preparing the microwarp takes 1 s.

Jump mechanics

The jump consists of several stages:
  • Preparation stage. The control of the ship is blocked, pre-acceleration occurs with double acceleration up to the speed of 120% of the maximum speed.
  • Jump stage. The ship gains 800% of its maximum speed without afterburners and moves in the chosen direction. The range of the jump depends on the maximum speed.
  • Braking stage. The ship control is unlocked, the ship reduces speed to normal. The process of reloading the module starts.


Since the jump is made at a very high speed, any collision with an obstacle during a jump leads to the destruction of the ship. Therefore, at the stage of the jump, an automatic security system is activated, which interrupts the jump if an obstacle is noticed on its route.
The automatic security system checks the jump route at a distance equivalent to the distance that the ship will fly in the jump at the current speed for 0.55 seconds.


  • The ship is gaining jump speed not instantly, but the jump acceleration is very high.
  • Automatic safety system is disabled at the stage of braking.
  • The jump can be interrupted at any time by pressing the activation button of the module again, or by pressing the movement buttons.
  • The enemy can disrupt the preparation for the jump by imposing an effect "Stasis".
  • Microwarp can be used for damage. To do this, aim the ship next to the enemy ship and activate the module. It is important to turn off the warp in time and after that, at the stage of braking, while the speed is high enough, to tighten on the chosen target.

Ships which Microwarp engine can be installed on

Rank 2: Dvergr

Rank 3: King Dvergr, Dvergr 2

Rank 4: Dvergr Knight

Rank 6: Scout, Dwarf 2, Hawk

Rank 7: Diamond Dwarf, Hawk-Eye

Rank 8: Swarm, Nightingale

Rank 9: Deimon

Rank 10: Black Bomber

Rank 11: Nibelung, Swift Eagle

Rank 12: Leonina, King Nibelung

Rank 13: Viking

Rank 14: Spectre Falcon

Rank 15: Jarl, Berserker, Cyning

Rank 16: Marten, Seeress


Parameters Ranks
2-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-16
Energy consumption 35 en. 40 en. 46 en. 51 en. 56 en.
Recharge 30 s.

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