Metastable Energy Field Generator

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Metastable Energy Field Generator

Type: Special module

For ship type: ECM.png


Makes the ship invincible for 6 s. The ship can't move, use active modules, fire weapons or launch missiles.
When the effect stops, paralyzes enemy ships in range of 1500 m. for 2 s.
Stacking crowd control effects within 30 s. has diminishing returns.

Ships which Metastable Energy Field Generator can be installed on

Rank 3: Black Death, Dagger

Rank 4: Dagger AE

Rank 5: Neutron

Rank 6: Stiletto, Talon

Rank 7: Stiletto AE

Rank 8: Grim, Kris

Rank 9: Black Swarm, Spirit, Kris AE

Rank 10: Magnetar

Rank 11: Tempest, Nodachi

Rank 12: Kevlar Ha, Nodachi EW

Rank 13: Wakizashi

Rank 14: Storm Viking

Rank 15: Wakizashi AE, Karud, Caltrop

Rank 17: Zhen, Dyrnwyn


Parameters Ranks
3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-17
Energy consumption 35 en. 39.7 en. 44.3 en. 49 en. 54 en.
Recharge 60 s.

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