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Workshop is a place, where pilot can manufacture advanced weapons, modules, missiles and ship parts.

Available from 6 clearance level.

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Raw materials and Parts
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Containers and minerals

Workshop window.
  • Crafting
One of game aspects, possibility to manufacture different items, from ammo and missiles to new modules and ships. For manufacturing you need resources.
  • Note
Modules and weapons' characteristics are shown without implants, bonuses, modifiers and other buffs.
Weapons' damage is shown for 1 gun (interceptors have 2 guns, Long Range frigates - 6, Object NY18 - 8 (fire max 4), destroyers - 12 (fire max 8), other - 4).

Pro Tools

Here you can find Duplicator - a rare artifact that allows you to return to the dock with cargo or to restore your ship and the ships of the allies without cargo. Does not work in PvP modes. Consumed when used.

Weapon systems

Creating of advanced weapons (Mk.5). One of components, needed for it is Mk.4 weapon. Most of weapons have Mk.5 version.

Also, here some Mk.1 weapons are created:


Name Icon Ranks Notes
Thi'Lith Beam Mk.1 Thilith Beam gun.png 6-8, 8-12, 11-17
WL 13-EL Emitter Mk.1 Излучатель WL 13-EL.jpg 5-9, 8-12, 11-17 Researched on Waz'Got
Overheating laser Mk.1 Overheating laser.jpg 8-12
Meson Cannon Mk.1 Meson Cannon 11 Meson Cannon 14 Meson Cannon 17 7-11, 10-14, 13-17
Vacuum resonance laser Mk.1 Vacuum resonance laser.png 12-17


Name Icon Ranks Notes
'Sk'Rah' Launcher Mk.1 Skrahgun.png 7-9, 9-13, 12-17
Tai'thaq Mk.1 Tai'thaq mini.jpg 7-9, 9-13, 12-17 Researched on Tai'Kin
Thar'kth cannon Mk.1 Thar'kth cannon.jpg 7-9, 9-13, 12-17 Researched on Thar'Ga
Waz'Dum Mk.1 Waz'Dum 12 Waz'Dum 17 8-12, 11-17 Researched on Waz'Got
Th'ak'Len Mk.1 Th'ak'Len 9 Th'ak'Len 12 Th'ak'Len 17 5-9, 8-12, 11-17
"Kai" fission launcher Mk.1 "Kai" fission launcher.jpg 8-12, 11-17 Researched on Ze'Ta
Quantum Railgun Mk.1 Quantum Railgun.jpg 9-13
Vulcan Mk.1 Vulcan 6 Vulcan 9

Vulcan 13 Vulcan 17

4-6, 7-9, 9-13, 12-17
Proximity mortar Mk.1 Railgun Heavy Icon.png 6-8, 8-12, 11-17
Coilgun Mk.1 Coilgun 11 Coilgun 14 Coilgun 17 7-11, 10-14, 13-17
Thermoactive weapon Mk.1 Thermoactive weapon.png 12-17


Name Icon Ranks Notes
'T'Har'Ok' beamer Mk.1 'T'Har'Ok' beamer.jpg 5-9, 8-12, 11-17 Researched on Tai'Kin
'Tai'al' launcher Mk.1 'Tai'al' launcher.jpg 8-12, 11-17 Researched on Tai'Kin
Thar'Ga'tok launcher Mk.1 Thar'Ga'tok launcher.jpg 5-9, 8-12, 11-17 Researched on Thar'Ga
'Dag'tnith' Launcher Mk.1 Dagtnith gun.png 7-9, 9-13, 12-17
Waz'Gul Mk.1 Waz'Gul.jpg 8-12, 11-17 Researched on Waz'Got
G'Thar'Du Cannon Mk.1 G'Thar'Du Cannon.png 7-9, 9-13, 12-17
Plasma burster Mk.1 Plasma burster.jpg 8-12, 11-17 Researched on Ze'Ta
Boson Cannon Mk.1 Plasmagun Heavy Icon.png 9-13
Compression railgun Mk.1 Compression railgun.jpg 8-12


Creating of advanced Mk.4 ammo.

For thermal weapons

Name Icon Ranks
Xenon Lamp Mk.4 Xenon Lamp Mk.4.png 8-17
Focusing Lens Mk.4 Focusing Lens.png 8-17
Resonating crystal Mk.4 Resonating crystal.png 8-17

For kinetic wepons

Name Icon Ranks
Iridium Slugs Mk.4 Iridium Slugs.png 8-17
Explosive Shells Mk.4 Explosive Shells Mk.4.png 8-17
Resonating slugs Mk.4 Resonating slugs.png 8-17

For EM weapons

Name Icon Ranks
Double Deflector Mk.4 Double Deflector Mk.4.png 8-17
Suprecooled Charges Mk.4 Suprecooled Charges.png 8-17
Resonating charges Mk.4 Resonating charges Mk.4.png 8-17

Missile bay

Secondary weaponry.


Homing missiles.

Name Icon Ranks
'Doomsday' missile SpaceMissile Doomsday Icon.png 13-17

Pro Tools

Special weapons for missile compartaments.

Name Icon Ranks Notes
Attack drone (universal) Module GuidedDron Icon.png 14-17
Crystal mine CristalMine.jpg 6-10, 9-13, 12-17 Researched on Tai'Kin

Active modules

Require manual activation.


Modules allowing improved survival in combat.

Name Icon Ranks Notes
Pirate Shield Booster S/M/L Mk.4 ShieldRestoreSmall Icon.png ShieldRestoreMedium Icon.png ShieldRestoreLarge Icon.png 9-13
Pirate Multiphase Shield Adapter Mk.4 AdaptiveShieldBoost Icon.png 9-13
Energy converter Mk.1 Energy Converter module.png 7-9, 9-13, 12-17
A1MA Mk.1 A1MA module.png 9-13
Missile reload Mk.1 Missile reload.jpg 5-7, 7-11, 10-14, 13-17 Researched on Thar'Ga


Name Icon Ranks Notes
Phase Modulator Mk.5 Phase Remodulator.png 10-14, 13-17
Inhibitor crystal Mk.1 Inhibitor crystal.png 6-8, 8-12, 11-17 Researched on Tai'Kin
Crystal-infiltrator Mk.1 Crystal-infiltrator.jpg 7-11, 10-14, 13-17 Researched on Tai'Kin
Satellite crystal Mk.1 Satellite crystal.jpg 7-11, 10-14, 13-17 Researched on Tai'Kin
Harvest crystal Mk.1 Harvest crystal.jpg 7-11, 10-14, 13-17 Researched on Tai'Kin


Name Icon Ranks
Ion Diffuser Mk.5 Ion Emitter.png 8-12, 11-17

Covert Ops

Name Icon Ranks
'Orion' Targeting Complex Mk.5 Orion Targeting Complex.png 8-12, 11-17
Pirate 'Orion' Targeting Complex Mk.4 Orion Targeting Complex.png 11-17


Name Icon Ranks
Target Painter Mk.5 Target Painter.png 8-12, 11-17


Name Icon Ranks
'Valkyrie' System Mk.5 Valkyrie System.png 8-12, 11-17
Harmonic Drive Mk.1 Harmonic Drive.jpg 9-13


Name Icon Ranks Notes
Aiming Overcharge Mk.5 Aiming Overcharge.png 8-12, 11-17
Pirate Engine Overcharge Mk.4 Engine Overcharge.png 11-17
Inhibitor swarm Mk.1 Inhibitor swarm.jpg 4-6, 7-9, 9-13, 12-17 Researched on Thar'Ga
Alien intuition Mk.1 Alien intuition.jpg 3-7, 6-10, 9-13, 12-17 Researched on Thar'Ga
Crystal drone Mk.1 Crystal drone.jpg 3-7, 6-10, 9-13, 12-17 Researched on Thar'Ga


Name Icon Ranks Notes
Mass Shield Generator Mk.5 Mass Shield Generator.png 8-12, 11-17
Pirate Mass Shield Generator Mk.4 Mass Shield Generator.png 11-17
'Patron' active defence Mk.1 'Patron' active defence.jpg 7-11, 10-14, 13-17 Researched on Waz'Got
Gravi-wave Mk.1 Gravi-wave.jpg 7-11, 10-14, 13-17 Researched on Waz'Got
Hull converter Mk.1 Hull converter.jpg 10-14, 13-17 Researched on Waz'Got
Emergency repair station Mk.1 Emergency repair station.jpg 13-17 Researched on Waz'Got
Waz'Got battle station Mk.1 Waz'Got battle station.jpg 13-17 Researched on Waz'Got


Name Icon Ranks
Missile Shield Mk.5 Missile Shield.png 10-14, 13-17

Long Range

Name Icon Ranks
Weapon Overcharge Mk.5 Weapon Overcharge.png 8-12, 11-17
Reverse Thruster Mk.1 Reverse Thruster module.png 7-9, 9-13, 12-17
Disintegrator modifier Mk.1 Disintegrator modifier.jpg 9-13

Suppressor Class

Name Icon Ranks Notes
'Tempest' Launcher Mk.1 Tempest launcher icon.png 7-11, 10-14, 13-17
Wormhole projector Mk.1 Wormhole projector icon.png 7-11, 10-14, 13-17
Photon Emitter Mk.1 Photon emitter icon.png 9-13, 12-17
Gravitational Lens Mk.1 Gravitational lens icon.png 10-14, 13-17
Repelling Beam Mk.1 Repelling beam icon.png 13-17
Hybrid missile Mk.1 Hybrid missile icon.png 12-17
Destabilizing Field Mk.1 Destabilizing field icon.png 12-17
Isotope Harvester Mk.1 Isotope Harvester.png 12-17
Remote minelayer Mk.1 Remote minelayer.png 12-17
Landing platform Mk.1 Landing platform.jpg 9-13, 12-17 Researched on Ze'Ta
Swarm control Mk.1 Swarm control.jpg 10-14, 13-17 Researched on Ze'Ta
Devastator beam Mk.1 Devastator beam.jpg 10-14, 13-17 Researched on Ze'Ta
Jump system "Kapkan" Mk.1 Jump system "Kapkan".jpg 13-17 Researched on Ze'Ta
Crystalline suppressor Mk.1 Crystalline suppressor.jpg 13-17 Researched on Ze'Ta

Ship modifiers

Modules that will considerably improve your ship's perfomance.


in progress